Key thread


Talk to me and @AllOfThemWitches about your keys.

A photo would be handy also.
I’ll post mine when home from work.
Pretty much all business on there tbh.


penoid crew


what the fuck is that big U shaped key for…?



my front door





R2D2’s seen better days


Yoda’s armless



Audi & Waitrose. The stakes have been raised here


Boring, I don’t even have a key ring!


:smiley: fuck off mate

(I live across the road from a waitrose innit, be madness not to have a card.


Haha yaaay!! These are mine…

I’ve normally got a gigantic hello kitty thing on it too but she seems to have gone walkabout :sob: Most of the things on my keys remind me of my Dad! He gave me the maglite when I was little, the vauxhall thing is from his old work and the climbing thingy simply because he said “It’s a good bit of engineering”… the fluffy pom pom has nothing to do with him…ahem. I got it free at Superdrug and figured it was too hideous not to add to the pile.


Would you like my fluffy pom pom?


Can’t wait for the first person to post a nu metal chain attached to their keys.


think the two of you should move this chat to PMs tbh




I like the similarity between @safebruv and @Epimer’s keys: star wars key ring, bottle opener and the same car manufacturer.