Last.FM Last.Year Stats 2017

Record breaking year for me. Up 7%

The monthly breakdown shows when I hired a floor sander (Feb) and when on holiday (Aug)

Hit me up with some stats.

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Record year for me as well, up 17%!!!
My summary accurately captures this as the year that I realised Everything Everything are not just very good, but are up there alongside Radiohead and NiN as my favourite ‘guitar’ bands.

Listened to way more new artists this year through a conscious effort to find new albums each Friday. Spotify has been a game-changer there.

Still love me some

Christmas is a big driver on my stats - listening up 184% Year on Year with December having 1/3 of all annual scrobbles; top artist Elvis Presley…

Down 11% this year apparently, possibly listening to more physical stuff or Bandcamp this year maybe idk.

Record breaking year! Up 105%

I was signed off work for a significant amount of time in 2017 with depression then followed quickly by a horrendous case of whooping cough which caused me to be frequently violently sick. That probably helped

Hmm, telling me I had a record-breaking year, but I didn’t - although I was up a bit on last year. Always big in January when I’m off work, and June/July when I’m running lots.

In that case I hope your stats are down a lot in 2018 :slight_smile:

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Only been using lastfm just over a year so not much to compare against

up a bit. Completely stopped listening to hip hop this year which I should fix but I think i’m just in the mood for sad man guitar shit atm. 48% new artists which is nice as well, maybe my taste is changing :slight_smile:

You can probably tell feom this that I don’t speak to the people I work with so much. Over 82 days of listening. I did make a conscious effort to make sure my listening all scrobbled in March. Bit annoyed I didn’t do it at the beginning of the year now.


Let myself down in the last few months (didn’t continue my Spotify subscription, basically) but still a good year…although 46% new artists shows I’ve found my comfort zone, essentially.

think last year was a record breaking year for me, this year didn’t quite match (down 14%) but still second place. i must have gotten nerdier about scrobbling over the years

A bit down on last year, no obvious reason why:

der we go now, up 39%. listened to loads of Solange and Angel Olsen apparently