I realise I definitely should’ve done this earlier but I’m off to Leeds tomorrow for a couple of nights. Any must-see/do things?

Thanks in advance!

@littleforts - I see you may have a map/guide to share? Pretty please? xx


Yorkshire sculpture park is amazing and near
House of fu is nice to eat in (noodle house)
Bundobust is amazing Indian street food
Loads of gigs all the time, might be something you like on!
I like it down the waterfront as well

I don’t live there but visit a fair bit



Thanks! We were originally going up to see La Luz at Brudenell but its been postponed. We’d already got (non-refundable) train tickets so thought we’d go anyway. Ive looked at gigs while we’re there and nothing takes our fancy.

Any specific waterfront tips? I love a riverside pint :grinning:

SARTO for Italian

Bento for Japanese

Olive & Rye for breakfast

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Seconding Sarto for great pasta
House of Fu is v good but you probably need to book in my experience
Can’t not recommend the King of Leeds that is Bundobust
Aagrah is good if you want a good traditional curry house

Water Lane Boathouse for waterside drinks and pizza, especially if it’s nice weather
There are plenty of other drinking options at Granary Wharf (try Livin Italy if you want aperol spritz) but WLB is my fave

Roland’s on Call Lane is good for cocktails
Jamrock also on Call Lane does good Caribbean food

Take a trip on the water taxi from the station to Leeds Dock and get coffee at North Star
There’s also The Canary at Leeds Dock which is a new pub in a shipping container literally on the water but I haven’t been so don’t know how good it is

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The armoury museum is really good, even if you don’t think you’re into that stuff. And it’s free!


Oh and depending on how much you like animals, indoor humidity and excited children then Tropical World could be an idea, it’s at Roundhay Park and there’s a bus that goes there from town

Kirkstall Abbey is cool, it’s nice to walk around in the sun and you can go to the Kirkstall Bridge Inn for waterside drinks after

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Always think the Dark Arches under the station is worth a visit for 5 minutes

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Wen’s for Chinese food.
Owt for breakfast.
Friends of Ham & Bundobust for beer + snacks

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Thackray medical museum is quite weird (a bit creepy) but fun


The city centre is small you can see all of it in a few hours.
I liked the Eileen Agar exhibition at leeds art gallery.

There’s a few brewery taps worth going to if that’s your thing. Northern monk refectory, kirkstall and Springwell (north brewing). There’s a record fair on at springwell on Saturday 11-4 too. It’s a taxi from town but not far.

Craft asylum 1/salt brewing bar is accros the river from water lane boat house and decent.

2nd owt for breakfast/lunch. I go there once a week and am never disappointed.

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Oh it’s strangeforms at the Brudenell this weekend so go see Johnny Foreigner at the best venue in the country

If you like walking then the Meanwood Valley Trail is good, takes you some interesting green areas of Leeds - https://meanwoodvalleytrail.co.uk/ - it’s pretty easy walking and interesting, you can split it halfway at a pub called The Myrtle and if you don’t wanna do the whole the whole thing can get a bus/cab back into town from there. Or alternatively walk along the canal from Granary Wharf to Kirkstall, can stop at The Cardigan Arms on the way which is a cracking pub. Bridges is a nice pub on the river, gets busy though.

Wouldn’t be a Leeds thread if I didn’t go on about how good Owt is, even though it’s already been mentioned, it’s that good. Corn Exchange is the building it’s in which is worth looking into also. Would also second Wens, although you’ll need to book.

The Brunswick is my favourite pub in Leeds, it’s very DiS. Also really like The Brew Society round the back of the station, Whitelock’s is a must visit (17th century pub down an alley off the main shopping street) Wapentake, The Adelphi, Outlaws Yacht Club (also very Dis), North Bar I go to quite often too. As mentioned, Water Lane Boathouse good if the weather’s good, although will be rammed.

I’ve got friends visiting this weekend too so will probably see you at some of the places mentioned!

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Can’t believe I’ve never been to Owt with the praise it’s getting in this thread

Best fried chicken in leeds but also order everything else.

The wines are excellent too


No specific recommendations from me for the waterfront, I was doing a bit of work round there an d it just seemed really nice but I only went up coffee / sandwich shops at lunch and don’t know what they were called! Everyone else seems to have some good recommendations tho!

I am going up on Saturday for a week do this thread is good timing!

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Why are you all obsessed with Owt for breakfast. The menu shows one breakfast item, am I missing something?

You have lunch for breakfast it doesn’t open till 11 anyway

It’s more a lunch (or much as I don’t like the word “brunch”) kinda place, yeah. The menu’s always small but they change it every month and the quality is incredible, it’s genuinely the best for that style of food I think I’ve had.