Live (the band called Live, who sometimes play live which is known as Live live)

Live! Remember Live? Remember anything they did other than Throwing Copper? Anyway turns out they reunited apparently and didn’t include the singer. I can’t proclaim to be an expert in this field, but that somehow feels a little rude. Also, if they’re gonna reform with a new singer (known as an Audioslave) then surely they’d want to take advantage of having a new, Googleable name, no? Probably more aware of their precarious appeal than that though and were willing to do anything (ANYTHING) to get people to still go see them and buy their stuff.

Anyway, much like Dre, you forgot about Live and now their singer looks like he’s rejoining them.

Imagine listening to Live in 1997.

I used to get them and Radiohead confused around the time Throwing Copper came out

I still do

Would you believe my brother recently sent me a text saying “Is Ed Kowalczyk a Trump fan do you think…?” ?

Statistically, he probably is


Good point. My response was "Did he set up a wall building business after leaving Live? Otherwise, I’d say it’s unlikely. " but I can see that I’m wrong now.

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More of a remy zero man.

Favourite Live lyric? For me it’s a toss up between

Oh Hitler in a robe of truth, my emptiness has built your altar


Mr President I hereby pardon you for all your crimes for they are just as much mine

*P.O.D. - Alive

I lived in the US between 1994-1995. This shit was everywhere. If I ever hear ‘Lightning Crashes’ again it’ll be way too soon


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Ooops, only just seen this post for the very first time.

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This was a really, really interesting read. I knew there was bad blood in the band at some point but wow.

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Also, Secret Samadhi is a great, great album. I love it when bands get weird after their big breakthrough.

Weird how the article called Lakini’s Juice a turgid ballad, it’s very much not that.



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I think I can fly

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I’m warning you, with peace and love, if you post a link to a Rolling Stone article after this date, it’s getting TOSSED. Peace and love.

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Laugh Love