Love is Blind - After the altar S2

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Just starting.


Loving it, very uncomfortable dynamics when Shania met Danielle and Nick. Oooft.

Sal bringing his new girlfriend seemed very off

Shayne still a nob.

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Ep 2

Sal’s new gf telling Mal, “trust me, I was NEVER worried about you” is so rude, even by the standards of reality TV. No wonder Mal seized up and could just awkward giggle. Nightmare. I hate Sal and his new gf.


I’m so happy to have access to more of my chaotic king, Shayne!


You can kind of see why Iyana and Jarrette are no longer married. He’s fully checked out and she communicates through passive aggressive joking and laughing??

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Slightly shocked but not completely at Danielle and Nick divorcing

Lot of odd vibes at the party really.

Love Iyanna and Jarette but it was just never going to work huh

No Shake? Booooo

Shame they didn’t give him any air time really.


Creasing that the socials have taken to calling Sal’s new gf “Wish dot com Katy Perry” lmaoooo

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So awkward watching them talk about having completely different timelines for children in that sort of weird, giggly way. I also don’t get why Jarrett, who loves going out partying all night, wanted kids ASAP.

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