Love Island 2018 πŸ’” 🌴


I had to double check it wasn’t a time where you’d been massively mansplained to but I think here is a good start, most of your comments are above:


Clive likes to watch it. He finds it to be like a soap opera but funnier. I feel my IQ decreasing with every word out of their mouths.


Dead excited


lol just read it all and remembered how angry that made me


I’m so gutted about Love Island.

I adore this kind of crap, and was well into the idea of getting sucked into another reality show.

And then… I just didn’t like it. Found it objectionable, even.

I could try again…?


This is your 10 minute warning!

@hanshotfirst @Unlucky


The last hour has dragged!


These girls couldn’t be more different to me and my friends if they tried.


I’ll happily watch the uncompromising continuation of the show Love Island: The Return in half a century


Stop touching the side of your head!!!

This bit is always so cringe


Really really long scenes of foreplay set to some Chromatics B-sides


Cringing so hard at the β€˜coupling up’ process. i’d want to be the one picking, ffs

(bet i won’t fancy any of these lads anyway)


No one ever wants to step forward for the first guy, do they? He’s the benchmark.


starting my petition here for a spin-off show called Perv Island

where i have absolutely no chill and just ask the boys about their wangs and am generally a total nuisance




my suggestion is that this music is looping throughout

and that you do frequent wry looks to camera


omg cringing to death that no-one picked the doctor :frowning:


Laura’s pissed


β€œI could definitely engineer the ride of people’s lives.” lol