Love Island 2019 ❤️

Here we go

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Don’t fancy any of them ffs

Looking forward to my evenings being taken over by this.

There’s more to fancying people than just looks juke :roll_eyes:


I read their bios too, made me fancy them all so much less

Except the scientist tbf, will probably end up fancying her

I will hate this, watch it and hate myself :+1:


I don’t think I’ve watched a series of this. And yet friends are obsessed…

Join us


Is there not usually more of them?

I am so excited.

Farewell reading books/doing things that aren’t Love Island of an evening.

Checking in

They look like massive squares

lol at love island for being sooo progressive with the first “plus size” contestant…who is maybe a size 14/16 with a tiny waist and flat stomach??? :roll_eyes:


Maybe not so much ‘NSFW’ but just not safe for anyone who can also see your screen : D


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They really do look a boring bunch, and much younger looking than before. It annoys me when you have 20 year olds on it and you’re meant to believe they’re really genuinely looking for love not a shot at fame. I mean OBVIOUSLY everyone is there for their 15 minutes but it’s be nice to suspend disbelief for a bit

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*not safe for life

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Does anyone know why has this not been ‘axed’ when the jeremy kyle show was?

FWIW I don’t watch either and don’t think either should be ‘axed’, but is there any reasoning to it?

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You think that’s bad? I normally get back to here on my desktop by typing ‘c’ and it autofills but now it defaults to ‘comedy breasts Blackadder’ so I have to remember to hit down before enter.

Jeremy Kyle is almost directly responsible for the man’s suicide is probably the difference

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Oh I’ve have to admit I hadn’t read the story and didn’t realise JK himself actually caused it. Wild.

Cos its really popular