Low Listening Club

Ok, the evenings are drawing and I thought it might be good to get a new listening club underway if there’s any appetite for it? Hard to think of many bands held in higher esteem on DiS nor more appropriate companions to this season of mists and mellow fruitfulness than the focus for this one, our old pals Low.

Format would be the same as previous listening clubs: one album a week in chronological order & each Monday is new album day. Beginning with 1994 debut I Could Live in Hope and running all the way through to 2018’s Double Negative.

The only likely exception would be to delay Christmas for a few weeks to align with the festive season rather than mid-November.

For anyone who followed the R.E.M. club, it’s a good excuse to explore any gaps in the back catalogue and I certainly gained a new perspective by listening in sequence.

So to gauge interest:

  • I am interested in this
  • I have no idea why I even opened this thread

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Sounds good to me, a band I feel I haven’t explored enough


I could live in hope this thread is a real success!


Do you all listen to it at the same time? Or at any time during the week?

Any time during the week CCB and just post as much or little as you like about the records as we go.

All kinds of chat about that week’s selection welcome. No particular rules other than save any discussion about future albums until the week we reach them :+1:

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I have my “live in hope” CD buying anecdote warmed up and ready to go as soon as you drop the flag.

I better get my ICLIH vinyl buying anecdote ready then

Oh fine snap my heart in two why don’t you?

It’s only a repress from a few years ago. I wouldn’t overly worry. And I don’t have an anecdote really

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Gah, I’ve been sitting on my Mansun Six CD buying anecdote for years hoping someone would start a record buying anecdotes thread…and now it looks like I’ve inadvertently drained the swamp here.

The wait to recount it goes on…

Fire away sure.


My favourite band and though I know all their records, an opportunity to listen with shared and renewed focus is very exciting.

There can’t be many bands whose first track on their first record, completely embodies the sound (Black Sabbath also of course)


Good choice. Came to them late… Ones & Sixes is my fave… I’ve tried a wee bit of their earlier stuff but didn’t fall in love. People listening in kinda unison and saying good things about albums will hopefully change that


Wow. Assumed my Long Division CD buying anecdote would have very little competition.

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I have never listened to an low. Is it good

Yes, very.


It’s OK to start right? Iclih is a great way to ease in the weekend

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You’re welcome to listen of course, but please save any thoughts til we kick off proper on Monday :slightly_smiling_face:

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I didnt think there would be enough mileage in a record buying anecdote thread. There probably isn’t. While we’re still on preamble though, I’ll just leave this here.

As a youngster, I was in Woolworths in Ormskirk and found a copy of Six by Mansun in a bargain bin. There was no price on it, but I figured it was discounted and I’d just take it to the counter and it wouldn’t be too expensive.

Me: Just this please
Checkout person: (Scans barcode) Oh I’m sorry, I can’t sell you this.
Me: Oh, umm…right. Why?
Checkout person: Because we have to throw it away.
Me: Oh, umm right. Really?? Why is that?
Checkout person: Oh, it’s just because it’s been marked for destruction (puts record under the counter)
Me: (confused) Oh right, umm, okay…I guess.

(I then wandered off and met up with my dad elsewhere in the store)

WZ Snr: Did you buy that record then?
Me: No, they, umm…wouldn’t sell it to me

(WZ Snr walks over to checkout)

WZ Snr: I understand you won’t sell that record?
Checkout person: We can’t I’m afraid
WZ Snr: …And it’s because you’re ‘throwing it away?’
Checkout person: That is correct
WZ Snr: Can he just have it then?
Checkout person: I’m sorry, we can’t do that.
WZ Snr: Why is that?
Checkout person: Because we have to throw it away?
WZ Snr: (head starting to explode) Well, do you have a bin nearby that you could put it in, that we might then be permitted to take it out of?
Checkout person: Sorry, it doesn’t work like that.
WZ Snr: (head definitely exploding now) Right, I want to see the manager!

The manager appears and we then go through the whole routine again including unsuccessful variations such as “can we put some money in a charity box in exchange for it”…until eventually and with great reluctance he concedes that on this one off occasion it might be possible to run it through as a miscellaneous item and I pay a nominal amount. Gave him £1 and the deal was finally done. I still have the record now.

Was obviously shocked to hear that such a well run business hit the wall a few years later…


I will definitely be joining in this. Really enjoy the R.E.M. Listening thread (even though I dropped off towards the end due to real life getting in the way of me being able to keep up with the album listening). Low is also the perfect choice as we move into these autumnal months.