Manchester (or nearby) Dissers

Does anyone want some FREE tickets for Okkervil River at Gorilla on Saturday Night?

I can’t make it and I’ve given up trying to sell them so it would just be nice if they got SOME use.

Will need to post them soon to get them to you in time!

Don’t do it guys. You do not want to be in zxcvbnm’s debt.

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Stop it. I’m trying to be nice and give away 40 (FORTY) quids worth of tickets

I’m going to this gig (I have tickets already sorry). @incandenza ?

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Don’t fall for this!

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Only one spare ticket going now people.

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In case anyone here doesn’t realise, the tickets are actually fake and zxvcnbm just thought it’d be funny to ‘prank some DiS meat’ as he says.


me and mrs. Aggpass will be in Manchester from 6ish if anyone wants to get a beer or 2 before

I may try and drive over.

Fingers crossed for Royal Mail - I’ll feel awful if it turns up Monday.

If the tickets don’t turn up in the mail in time just go to the venue and explain the situation, they’ll definitely let you in.

We are the band Okkervil River, and we wanted to let everyone know that ticket touting is against the terms and conditions that apply when you buy a ticket to one of our shows. Life in a band is not something you do to get rich. This is a dog eat dog record industry and we’re just trying to get by. Every time someone touts tickets to our shows for a profit, it hurts the band and it hurts our fans. These tickets are clearly fakes, but we have checked notified the door staff on the night to stop entry to anyone who attempts to get in using one of these tickets.

Keep on rockin’ in the free world,

OR xx


you try and do something nice for people and this is what you get.

any tips for making conversation with the bands sexybum?

if you happen to see them in the crowd

No @foppyish, no I do not.

you damn tout

ma0sm really doesnt want anyone to have these tickets

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even Will Sheff hates me now.