Manchester Psych Fest 2022

Anyone else going to this? I made a clashfinder, wheeeeeeeeeee

Also, Gruff Rhys is on at 1PM!

Hell of an opener. Hope he just does an hour long version of Gwn Mi Wn or something for you all. Would be apt given the festival theme.


Will have to do this one year, seems great fun

Too many venues there for me

Sterling work with the clashfinder!

I’d enviously looked at the lineup for this before but hadn’t clocked they were all playing just on one day. Far too much FOMO for me!

Could be arsed to spend £60 on this but if I can spot a ticket going for £20 on Twickets I might get along to Kurt Vile later

I really enjoyed it. Nice friendly crowd, great music and venues are nice and close with decent capacity. Only issue was the sound engineers had a lot of issues in multiple venues, so many acts delayed by 15+ minutes, but at least were given their set length.

Went to see in order of set times…
Deja Vega
The Lucid Dream
Tess Parks
Melt Yourself Down
Party Dozen
(And a little bit of Loose Articles and Fake Turins but not the full sets)



Gruff Rhys
Mess Esque
Jane Weaver
+ Willy Mason doing Oxygen
She Drew The Gun

Then we were extremely sleepy and had to catch a train home. Good times, though!

Thought they had really sorted out the queuing issues by using fewer (I think?) but slightly bigger venues, so we never really had to queue much. Might just be that we went to see fewer HYPE acts, though.


What you think of Mess Esque and Gwenno? I had them on the list and then got distracted chatting or got lazy and went to something closer.

Did you have a highlight?

Probably Gruff or Gwenno to be honest, found lots of stuff just quite relaxing, which was probably my fault for choosing lots of sitdowny music.

Gwenno was great, accidentally got there half an hour early, though, so ended up watching her entire sound check!

Mess Esque were… Fine? Only watched about half their set though.

Also, what was your favourite?

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I think my highlight was during Melt Yourself Down when the single security lad in Canvas got dragged on stage and dragged into the crowd to be crowd surfed; really hope the lad didn’t get in trouble for it, it was such a good energy show that one.

Act wise, nothing massively stood out… I really enjoyed Melt, O. and Party Dozen since it’s my kind of thing. However I thought Skullcrusher, Keg and TTRRUUCES put on some great shows and stuck out as nice unexpected treats.

No complaints though, everyone did ace and nothing was a disappointment (maybe Tess Parks, I thought too many of her songs sounded the same live, like B-side Morchebba tracks)

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Ahh that sounds fun, would have loved to see MYD live, I was just practically asleep after being woken up by kittens at 6AM.

Know exactly how you felt. I had to power through too after travelling from Scotland that morning (6am start too), I was flagging for the 2hr block between 20:00 and 22:00 as acts were a little mellow (and I decided against Black Midi as already seen them and figured it would be packed). Thankfully Melt gave me a second wind to stay out.

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Fair fucks!

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Just back from this, also had an early start as was also came down from Scotland, having seen Aldous Harding the night before. Faded a bit at the end but enjoyed it, also visiting the different venues. We saw

Gruff Rhys
Bess Atwell
Mess Esque
Black Midi
She Drew the Gun

Tinariwen and She Drew the Gun were highlights of the day for me

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