March Football Thread - postponement edition

Hello! Seeing as the Premier League will all be wrapped up this month, why not concentrate on getting behind the League 2 promotion bid of, oh I don’t know, Plymouth Argyle maybe? Also:

How long before Ighalo gets crocked for at least a month?
Just how many goals with Jean-Kevin score this month?
Oh and there’s the champions league I guess too…

@chadders fancy a charity fiver on today’s big game?

I’ve done my time watching league 2, mate!
Today we lose to…Aston Villa?! Ffs
Lose this and we are definitely fucked. Even if we win, still don’t really see where the points are coming from.
Have a wonderful day of football everyone (except for @TKC)

We’re at home to Bradford today our North Stand is still shut and with an article in The S*n on Thursday that while containing not much new information.

Could be finally the catalyst for the properly toxic atmosphere I’ve been waiting for since we got relegated. Looking forward to it.

Fair play to Sheffield United for their business - overperforming promoted club, suddenly has access to a whole new range of targets, got ‘em in. No messin’

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Really interested in seeing how Berge does. West Ham have wanted him for a while apparently, but was either him or Soucek in this window. Both really would have given our cm area a dramatic refresh that it’s needed for years.

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Wonder if I’ll see king jean on my travels to Leeds today

Reckon youl win tbf

The streets of Huddersfield and Stockport will flood with the tears of bitter disappointment as wing commander ‘brave’ Scott ‘Scotty’ Parker and his neutral warriors DEMOLISH the cowley brothers 0-0 in front of visiting Galician dignitaries


Guess I was right about Kepa being shite…

Big game in league 2 next Saturday aggers.

Colchester vs Newquay is it?

Technically that is the nearest airport, so yes.

Seeing as nobody really cares about this season now, predicted player departures from your club this summer?

Bravo - free transfer to MLS.

Mendy - £20m, probably quite a few takers, tbf, but basically gets £100k a week to keep up squad morale.

Angeliño - hopefully does okay at Leipzig and somehow goes for £25m.

Otamendi - best centre-hslf in England two seasons ago, shell of a player now, probably still do a job in a tinpot league like La Liga, £15m.

Silva - remind me to order a backstock of antihistimines and enough rum to knock out a horse. Free transfer to MLS.

Sterling - Agent Ady’s started quietly causing a ruckus behind the scenes again, and on cue a dramatic loss of form. Will go to Real Madrid for, i’m guessing, £125m or so.

Sané - Bayern Munich, €95m/£80m.

Roberts - DKWYAP, S. Released.



it really depends on whether we get promoted or not.

go up and we’ll probably keep most of our players, maybe some fringe lads who aren’t going to make the step up will leave but that might be it.

don’t go up and half the squad’s gone.

Hull v Brentford today. last three times this fixture has happened have been 2-0, 3-2 and 2-0 to Hull so not really expecting anything, but then them selling Bowen and Grosicki should help.

0-0 maybe?

We’re in 11th place and somehow only 4 points away from a playoff spot. All to play for but Jesus, it really shouldn’t be.

Vertonghen - Ajax or something
Rose - somewhere permanent
Wanyama - could still go to a country where the window is still open, apparently we’ve had some agreed deals with French clubs and then gone back asking for more. Shame he’s knackered cos him and Dembele were unbeatable on their day

Aurier - possibly, whisper it quietly but he’s been better in recent weeks… Cue red card and oggy tomorrow

could really do with Brentford getting a second here

oh nice, thanks