Mariah Carey. Queen of Christmas Albums?

So I have found myself devouring Christmas music these past few weeks. Having done this pretty much every year, I consistently find myself skipping songs on streaming-radio stations because, well, they’re the same song sung over and over by different artists who, rarely, bring anything refreshing to their cover. At least artists like Sia, make an effort to write new Christmas songs. Which, by the way, I absolutely love her Christmas album.
Then we have Mariah Carey, whose second Christmas album, I’ve come to appreciate more and more. Sure there are some songs I could do without. But her original soulful xmas tunes? Love ‘em. Arguably, they may never be able to compete with her “All I Want For Christmas” piece that will likely immortalize her. But, admidst the sea of christmas remakes, she still proves-at least to me- to be a christmas musical force to be reckoned with. I do want to express appreciation for Ariana Grande’s original Christmas song efforts. They may not be as memorable as Mariah’s, but they are at least a concerted effort to make new refreshing Christmas songs. What do you all think? Any hidden gems out there that you can share? Let me know on here or follow and share with me on insta: @SelenaSeballo

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