Mastodon: Music streaming could put bands out of business

Another reason I don’t use streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music.

I wouldn’t expect it to change anytime soon, but if somehow this killed off the format of these, and both put enough money in the artists pockets without requiring a gazillion plays.

and maybe more importantly to me, it doesn’t force one to install some kind of software that slows down your operating system or converts all your other files to it.

Than maybe Streaming could actually do what it was supposed to do, by allowing a lot more artists to survive on their music

Mastodon making piss poor recorda nowadays may put them out of business

Nothing new said here
Streaming services are too cheap and convinient to be levvied out of the market.
I dont see any of the market leaders doing much to increase the pay per play of artists. They will never need to because spotify and the like arent an employer and will be free to negotiate contracts the same way any other businesses can.

Bands and record labels need to evolve and adapt. The streaming services dont need to change because they dont have to.