Miley Cyrus covering Cocteau Twins


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I was prepared to hate this, but it’s actually pretty good.

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Need Pat Niven’s opinion

She also did Mazzy Star’s Fade Into You the other month as well

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She’s an incredible talent, tbh.

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Yeah she nails most of it and it’s played decently enough behind her

I think the band is a bit stompy and leaden, but her vocal is really strong. Shame about all the mid-song patter.

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she’s looking more like her dad

I thought she did a pretty good job with nothing else matters too


She’s got a voice good enough to carry it, but I’ve always felt Cyrus’ voice is far and away better than the rubbish she wastes it on singing. I just wish she wasn’t ruining this decent attempt with 80s Butlins stage show banter.

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Agree. Apologising throughout for singing the song is not a good look.

Is her dad Brian Knobs?