Most intense songs you know

Well, so which are the most intense and strong songs you know??

Both from The Drones. They make me so angrily… powerless. They’re just so strong and ahhhhhhhh

I See Seaweed is so powerfull and sad and brutal… my god

The ending of Shut Down SETI (and the ending of all the album Feelin’ Kinda Free), is so BRUTAL and… hard.

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Always found this quite intense, in that it doesn’t sit comfortably at any point.


Bit obvious but probably Concubine by Converge.

Also Pandemonic Hyperblast by Anaal Nathrakh

Dream House by Deafheaven

Lovebites and Razorlines by Glassjaw

Trail of Dead had quite a few, Aged Dolls was a good one.

Most of Zen Arcade.

All of Vulnicura

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When Invalid Litter Dept. changes and he launches into those screams.

The Mercy Seat from their Live Seeds album. Their best song and best version.


the ending of

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Could pretty much be a nick cave thread


Throwing this into the mix as well:

most psychologically intense is probably 4st 7lbs by MSP
frankie teardrop is obv horrid

but in terms of romantic intensity and performance, Wicked Game floors me

some Einsturzende Neubauten stuff can be proper intense

Oh, and

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Obligatory Elliott Smith

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