Music forums

Decent article from Tom Ewing (ILM, Poptimist etc) on music forums…

Waste of time



Music forums - waste of time


Nice to see Barbelith remembered. I was one of the mods there.
Good times.

Do you know if there is any complete backup of Barbelith before it went down? It’s a shame what happened to the site.

If I ever find that Welsh dickhead I’ll have words with him :smiley:

But no, I don’t know if they archived it. Tom Coats can still be found online easily enough, I’m sure he’d know.

is that @cardinal_richelieu’s thread in the picture there?

opens article

ctrl+f roscoe

no results

shit article

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(in seriousness, this is interesting and I want to read this later)

ooh, I love Ewing’s stuff. Thanks. Looking forward to reading.

Ha! At least one (two) of the titles in the main pic are DiS threads!