🎷 Music League 5 - Billy Corgan is the greatest! 🎷 - Round 3 A track that sounds like the end of the world

Just submitted mine, the perfect song to fit the brief and an amazing tune too. Absolutely no way I am not winning this round*

(*going to get 4 points max).

Might try to find something suitable under 3 mins and grab all the points from people bored of the long tracks


There is definitely that fear! I think/hope I’ll find a few more interesting different interpretations in this round, and will enjoy it more than the moshing songs at least!


If M83 hadnt just been played I think Teen Angst would have been perfect for my vision for this round

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It’s a shame this came right after the Halloween round but I’m still looking forward to it

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I’m taking a risk with my interpretation and o realised how oppressive this round will sound

Damnit. That increases the risks of me voting for you.

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Had that down for Blasts you into the sky, back to the drawing board.


literally the definition of β€œskyscraping synths” there

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Just submitted something that sounds like I would actually expect the end of the world to sound.

Nil points.

I hope it’s 4’33


Oh damn, I wish I’d thought of that :grinning:


aww one of my ideas has already been played in a past league, blast

As seems to be the case for all of the rounds in this current Music League iteration, I’ve got no idea what to submit. I blame Billy Corgan.


Being reminded of 20 years of mediocrity would do thet to you

Shiny Happy People?

In Rainbows

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Really tempted to chuck on a disintegration loop for everyone to skip


Can I achieve double digits three rounds in a row?

No. But I will try.


I really hope this is a full playlist of horrible music. My contribution will be fo’sho!

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