🎷 music league 5 - Billy Corgan is the greatest 🎷 round 4 A track that’s been used in a movie soundtrack

That’s simply just not possible


SOS by Portishead?

I didn’t think I’ve seen that movie, but consider me also not playing that too.

Your pick is from which of the following…

  • Blockbuster
  • Cult Classic
  • Indie
  • Straight to Video
  • Documentary
  • Arthouse
  • Other

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Tough time choosing and sticking to something for this round!

Should I go with

  • Song 1
  • 2
  • Something else entirely

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I am selecting:

  • Something composed specifically for a film soundtrack
  • A regular song that also got used in a film

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  • Music I like from a film I like
  • Music I like from a film I don’t like
  • Music I like from a film I haven’t seen
  • Music I don’t like from a film I like/don’t like/haven’t seen (contrarian option)

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Just went to check if one of the 14 submissions was the song I think will win (and that I like), and it is, so I’m glad it’s picked. I’m happy with my unheard of 8 pointer!

if I’m not very busy at work next week I was going to compile a list of youtube links to show how each song fits the film it’s in

  • Just a good song that is generally in the film
  • The scene is an important musical moment/important plot point

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Is it just the actual soundtrack or does the score count too?

I’d up for hearing some strong score tunes…I know at least one has been submitted already (because I also tried…)

Have gone for a song used in a film rather than a soundtrack, but considered both

As I don’t know the difference I’m answering yes that is OK. Is the score just a musical motif that appears through the film/big moments? So unsure how you would define soundtrack.

I’d say the soundtrack refers to any of the music in a film, but the score refers to music that’s been written and composed specifically for the film and scene.


Surely either is fine? Badly Drawn Boy’s work on About a Boy, Dean Wareham on Mistress America and Kevin Shields on Lost In Translation are all ‘scores’ written specifically for films, even if they’re more in the mold of regular songs. It would be a a bit arbitrary to say they weren’t eligible…and if they were deemed ok that ‘indie’ score picks were fine, but orchestral ones somehow weren’t?

I’d be happy with any piece of music used in a film tbh :man_shrugging:

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Either score or soundtrack is fine. Quality options in either camp for me

Hmm… just listened to mine and I don’t actually like it without the scene underneath it. Interesting. May have to switch.

Would’ve potentially gone for this if it was on Spotify. Irritates me that it isn’t.

Really dislike the artist i have chosen but love the film/scene so it’s gone in.

Don’t make me wish i’d gone with my other choice…

Was annoyed this wasn’t on Spotify