🎷 Music League 6 - Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme Gravy tonight - Round 3 A track that gives you goosebumps 🎷

This Round kicks off on Wednesday at 12pm


Here’s the leaderboard…


Quite a few ideas for this one

Have one that does it if I even think of the song and I’m going to finish in last place.

I’m finding this a weird round to pick for; when I’m consciously thinking about goosebumps, nothing gives me them


Can this mean something quite impressive or does it just have to be frightening?

It’s another anything goes round, really. Unless it means it has to give everyone collective goosebumps, which is nigh on impossible.

Found my track:


It’s my round. I was thinking more about music that you have a strong emotional reaction to. I’ve been reading just now that goosebumps are down to an adrenaline rush, which kind of makes sense in explaining why you also get them when you are really cold. I :heart: SCIENCE.

Fair point given that emotional connections are personal. Maybe some tunes connect with people more than others, idk.

I love the way some tunes pretty much always give me goosebumps. It’s one of the things that makes music special to me. I can’t remember my goosebump tunes at the moment, though. Schoolboy error not to have a track lined up for my own fucking round.


I was discussing the music league with my brother at the weekend and mentioned this upcoming “Goosebumps” round and he said he would struggle because he has never had a song evoke that sort of reaction from him. Interestingly his go to music genre is garage rock which is not known for it’s goosebump moments, but we have a lot of cross overs in our listening habits (we both saw Spiritualized at Glastonbury which was full of goosebump moments for me).

I guess some people don’t get the goosebump response and some do. I have way too many tracks to choose from that give me goosebumps and they will do it every time I listen to that track.

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Trying to decide between a track I find really stunning and a track that makes me sob a bit.

Might save the latter in case there’s a ‘songs that make you cry’ round.


I have far more ‘songs that make me cry’ than goosebumps songs. Most of my goosebump moments have been at a gig when everything comes together and hits just right- atmosphere, crowd, sound etc.


Songs that make you cry - literally any song I’ve seen live where the crowd starts singing back to the band

Someone’s nicked my goosebumps artist (different song), got to have a rethink.

just going for something really beautiful tbh

goosebumps caused because your track is

  • Beautiful
  • Sad
  • Powerful/epic
  • Other

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was going to pick a very tragic song but it requires a bit of historical context so i’ve swapped to a slow building epic

I’ve got one for each of these (as well as a frightening choice) so I’m going to keep shifting between them.

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Had a very long shortlist for this one. Happy with my choice. Quite looking forward to this playlist actually.

I bumped my “feels like a movie” song up to this round and I think there’s some real crossover between that goosebumps feeling and also the kind of expansive, cinematic moment that I’m looking forward to hearing more of later…

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Damnit I can’t chose. Please help!

Should I go for…

  • Powerful/epic Option
  • Scary Option
  • Beautiful Option

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