🎷 Music League - General thread 🎷


so glad he’s back making music!

on a tangent, but have you heard the newest (i think) tonite show, with nef the pharaoh? really good imo

hell yeah, i still stay up on bay area raps more than any other region/pocket, really. the bass on that first track on there is relentless.

blink and you’ll miss another dj fresh album lol.

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get high was NtP’s best single in '21 tho imo

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I would take these FAR too personally

Got two ideas for league themes. Not sure whether to go with the more practical one or the more esoteric one. Both leave lots of room for different genres and stuff though.


I’m gonna skip this next league, so happy new year league folk, have heard so much great stuff this last year from you all! Back soon.


I’m IN

PuttINg my faith in discobot as my best chance of ever picking a round for this.


Ah, go on then. IN.

I’m in, but not interested in choosing a round. Not got the imagination

Back IN the game!

I will be joining the new league but as I got to pick a round in the last league I am happy to not join the discobot lottery and give someone new more of a chance to pick a round this time.

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Happy to sit back and see what rounds everyone else comes up with, rather than join the Discobot draw.


Good of hesastopsiiiiign to put theirs up for the draw :+1:

I think rotating round pickers is probably the best way of keeping things fresh. TAFH’s more lateral approach to theme picking resulted in a couple of really interesting playlists quite different from any of the previous leagues.


I’ll be back for this league having missed the last couple . I’ve also picked a round in a previous league so happy to be NOTin for the draw.

Gonna do the draw soon.