🎷 Music League - General thread 🎷

Just pasting this again from the league 5 thread….

By my reckoning these are the winners of the rounds.
Well done to @JackLiquorice for marching away with a win that’s been pretty sensational.

Two people get to name the league as @hesastopsiiiiign and @BobRickerton both won that privilege. Therefore league 6 will be divided into League 6a - with the name chosen by @hesastopsiiiiign and league 6b with the name chosen by @BobRickerton.

Here are the final winners….

@JackLiquorice - Pick 3 rounds

@mcgarnagle - Pick 1 round

@shrewbie Pick 1 round

@hesastopsiiiiign Pick 2 rounds

@bobrickerton - Pick 2 rounds

@brainfreeze - Pick 1 round

@Jaguarpirate - Pick 1 round

@kovacs77 - Pick 1 round

@caedus - Pick 1 round

Please send me your round choices. Music League 6 will commence on January 10th
Rounds will be published and discussed as soon as they are submitted.


@hesastopsiiiiign has very kindly offered his 2 round picks as a draw.
Please reply to this post with the word IN by 10:00 on Monday 3rd to be in with a shout.







i cant quite til i wIN


could be quite keen to see things spiced up a little, new members, more rounds of repeat artist ban. I’ve also never picked a round in 5 leagues. I might sit out if it looks like another league of same old.



ive tried to do only new artists basically the whole time. wish everyone would try to do the same. the pumpkins thing is fine tho cos at least thats one less track i need to listen to every round.

really tho the best way to spice it up is bring in the downvote(s)

or something like have a max of 35-40 participants and the top 25-30 point getters stay for the next league and the bottom ten are relegated and ten new users come in and compete

Would be a shame if you did since you often pick some of the less standard stuff

Obviously everyone should sit out if it’s not fun enough for them to be worth it, jsut a shame that some people that consider doing it are the same ones who play interesting stuff which keeps the playlists (relatively) diverse! Same with the rap crew


That’s why I put my two rounds up for others. Join in the lottery!


kinda wish we had more genre specific rounds and honestly kinda surprised we havent had more. a whole league where users pick a genre for each round would be fun.

don’t worry, i can confirm that i will NEVER stop picking rap songs that appeal to about 5 other users



celebrated andre nickatina getting double figures as if england won the world cup


It’s always a rush when i dabble in rap entires - will I get a surprise crossover 12 point hit? Or join your usual 5 pointer experience? So thrilling!


i am completely bamboozled that @Jamos 's lekeyah/tee grizzly song got ten points compared to four points for my ezale song in the last round. i thought for sure both songs were destined for 3-4 points tops and ezale would edge it just a hair.

one of my fav videos of 2021 btw

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