Music League - Round 6

Round 6 submissions start on Saturday at 1pm, and due to it being Valentines weekend the theme is

:heart:Falling in Love songs

Feel free to chat about Round 6 in this thread.

The makers of the app have assured me the glitches in hip hop round have been fixed.


hmmm, most of the songs I like are about being angry and shouting a lot. This could be difficult.


Yeah, drawing a blank on this one at the moment

Only one I’ve thought of so far is very much of the unrequited variety, that’ll do I guess

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If I get desperate there’s always something from 69 Love Songs (even though as pointed out in the HGIIR thread it’s not really an album of love songs)

The one I’m going with is from the 70’s

…I think

Listening to my entry for this round on repeat is the main reason I still haven’t got all the way through the hip hop round.

99% of my record collection is misery and heartache but found a few good ones as a shortlist.

Looking forward to bringing out the pedantry again, feel it’s been a bit easy to hit the brief in the past few rounds, but imagine it’s going to be difficult to pinpoint a lot of songs that are exactly about falling in love and not just being in love.


I thought I had a perfect choice and then realised it was about being in love, not falling in love, and knew I would get penalised for it

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Ever falling in love with someone ever falling in love


Well, that’s my first choice gone :smile:


oh i’ve just thought of a perfect one. lovely.

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Music League | DiS League One.

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I have one good idea for this, and only one. If anyone else takes it, I’m declaring them my official forum nemesis


This is the dilemma I have. I have one good idea but I suspect a lot of other people will want to choose this song too so if I get there first I will get a lot of retaliatory nil points

Yeah was tempted to go with Emily Kane but it’s more a song about being in love isn’t it


Going with my favourite “intimate” song. Oo-er.

Will be amazed if anyone picks the same as me.

Yes there is one very obvious, very excellent song but it’s a waste of time as no-one will give it points.