Music stuff we got for Crimbo, then


Got the latest Deerhoof LP. Spun it a coupla times today and it’s unsurprisingly great.

Also got Minimal Wave Tapes 2. Which is ace!

And a Dukla Prague tee (from a friend) and a Fuzzy Logic tee (from my sister). Yay!


Seconded re: the Deerhoof album. They’re an incredible band.

I got the Minor Victories album, Ardour by Teebs, Highway Songs by Papa M, and a DeFocus Records compilation I need to listen to (there’s some of the artist names I’m sure I recognise from forums or something).

Also, an SP-404. Hoping to use that extensively to get an album done (still learning how to use it).


Vulnicura live LP, it’s lush


Steve reich ECM set
Out of time re-issue
Jackson Browne comp
Nine inch nail live did (beside you in time)

Well stoked with it all :ok_hand:


tv’s mum and stepdad got me a super cool sun ra boxset for my birthday <3


I was interested in that too if it’s the one I think it was.


artyard in a box, it’s called. that the one?


It wasn’t, but it may well be now, haha. :slight_smile:

Interested to get into Sun Ra, some of what I’ve heard is really fascinating and interesting. Jazz is something I’m frequently trying to get more into; some I really like, and then some stuff just totally does nothing for me (obviously, like with any kind of music, I s’pose).


Yeah, they seem to sound like a band again on this new one. Have loved the last coupla recs too.

Don’t know deFocus, I see on Discogs it was started by an ex-Rephlex employee or sutin’. Will delve.


Neither did I, tbh. My sibling is really good at finding stuff in record shops that I might find interesting.

My thing with Deerhoof is that I first got into them about a year or two ago and have just been totally blown away by them. Every album I get of theirs is a revelation, though I think Offend Maggie is one that sticks out as a particular highlight for me.


Nice, seen the Arkestra a few times. Think the best time was this year at ATP, actually. Have spent a far too little time with Sun Ra’s recorded output though. So much stuff!


Nice! They are fantastic. Have seen them a bunch of times and they’re always great. Live, I really liked when they toured for a 3-piece about ten years ago. But some of their more recent recorded stuff I rank really highly, like Breakup Songs, it’s like a crazy mixtape.


Songs of Love and Hate on vinyl :ok_hand:


NOWT! Despite dropping heavy hints of stuff I wanted. I did get a Ticketmaster voucher though, so I suppose that sort of counts.


Sex Swing LP :top:


Santa got me a DIY synth kit


My sister got me ‘On Bowie’, by Rob Sheffield. Haven’t had a chance to look at it yet. I think it’s about David Bowie, though.

I got my girlfriend ‘In Love With These Times’, Roger Shepherd’s autobiography/story of Flying Nun records.

Girlfriend and I got each other a stereo that we’d been planning on buying for ages, so we can finally play our records again.


TV got us tickets to see Kate Tempest
Sister-in-law got us tickets to see Tegan & Sara


St Vincent - Actor
Mammal Hands - FLOA
Whiplash soundtrack

Loop station thing and microphone

Bumper year!


Good hauls, all.