Musicians and their 'story' which becomes inseparable from the music

Artists like Daniel Johnston, Brian Wilson, Kurt Cobain, Nick Drake (I’m a fan of all) seem to have a thing where the story of their music becomes nearly as important- or sometimes just as important as the music itself. What impact does this have on the music do you think? How would albums like Pink Moon be looked at if things had been different? Or if the ‘story’ wasn’t really publicised?

I think this is often the case for “troubled” artists, even more so for those who sadly meet an untimely death, Elliot Smith springs to mind as another that falls into that category, where this is a need by fans to try to gain some insight and understanding of their troubled lives through their music and lyrics.

Depends what you hear first I s’pose - the music or the backstory.

I really enjoyed Daniel Johnston’s music before hearing about his mental health issues and the film which documented some of that.

Bon Iver’s Cabin

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(Jay-Z’s laugh, etc.)