Music's still good isn't it?

Not listened to much this year but just went for a walk and put some stuff on shuffle.

Well done music!


You think you’re out of music one week, then BAM, next week you feel it again with all the emotions it can possibly bring out you.


Yeah, last month was better but it’s still good.

It’s simply the best thing humanity has done.



  • Still good
  • Was good no longer good
  • Was bad, now good
  • Was never good
  • :music_emoji:.exe

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Accident clicked the wrong option. Meant to vote “still good”

you can go back and change your vote if you like :slight_smile:


Hm. Not 100% sure. Will have to get back to you on it.

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I’m reserving judgment. When’s the next lot out?


Honestly, one of my biggest fears is the day I run out of music for good. Like, one day that’ll be it and I’ll never find anything that moves me again.

Yeah just Burial and Oasis

After taking my initial dive at the world of music in the 80ies, tasting a bit of here and there and trying to figure out what is going on and forming a music taste, I tried to see things chronologically. I am still trying to catch up with 1930ies music, jazz and blues. So, getting out of this frame of mind, to catch a breath, I am always surprised when I hear a good new song, so there must be a sort of prejudice or maybe a hidden puzzlement of the kind:“We have already reached the top, now where do we go from here, but downhill?” But since the invention of recorded music, it seems we entered the musical Himalayas territory, so many peaks to reach.


What recent albums that aren’t yet deemed classics do you think will be in years to come?

Was just driving round Manc in the sun earlier and Danny Brown’s Grown Up came up on the playlist. This caused at least a 50% improvement in my mood.

Music’s still pretty good.

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I am 46, and still ruthlessly curate my playlists. I think in my case, it is incurable.

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Never ceases to amaze me how there is always great new music. At least 7-8 albums I really love already this year (and usually March is the first ‘big’ month for releases). Well done people who make music.

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