My Bloody Valentine reissues

Mine arrived in the post today, anyone else get theirs? Really enjoying Loveless belting out at the moment. It’s not as bassy as I expected, often “remastered” seems to mean “with the bass turned up” but the balance doesn’t seem to have been messed with in that way here.

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Picked to up from the post office today but not listened yet - saving it for later when I’m doing work

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Has he turned loveless up?

How are the liner notes?

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Hmm hard to say. It sounds loads better, lots more of a dynamic range but it’s not clear how much of that is a function of me hearing it on vinyl on a nice set up rather than a shitty cassette player back in the day or a shitty cd player more recently.

It sounds… Different.

Not better or worse, just different

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hmmm…it could be my audio set-up which could be better… but I am finding this more different than I thought I would and perhaps due to my familiarity and love for the original Loveless recordings I am slightly underwhelmed…seems a tad trebly…maybe that’s the point or i just need to fiddle with my mixer…and Shields knows much more than I do…as it stands though I think I’ll keep my other vinyl copy and the cd remasters…Haven’t yet checked the 'isn’t anything"re-issue but I feel that might work better for my tastes

This thread has caused me to part with £27 of my moneys. I don’t need it, but liveless does belong in my shelves somewhere.

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Listening to sometimes now
pretty sure it’s my fav song ever


Ditto (as in favourite song ever). Like standing under a waterfall of guitar. Shiver.

Sounds like the whole thing was pretty intensive…

Will pick up my copies once I’ve been paid!

hopefully mine will arrive today then

was not expecting them to be on time

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“The obvious thing to do in this day and age would be to cut it onto two vinyls”.



Mine just arrived. Did anyone else get 2 copies of isn’t anything one in the record sleeve and then another in just a plain white sleeve?

I think some copies have been shipped with a test pressing thrown in. Consider it a bonus.

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The one in the official sleeve had a bit of surface noise and the one in the plain sleeve didn’t so I’m guessing they bunged the extra one in as a quality control thing as Sheilds got grumpy any the quality of the original pressing.

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Got excited it was the new album when I first opened it.

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Yes I got the same - I haven’t listened to both versions yet but I’d be surprised if I detected the difference - I do think this latest mastering of Isn’t Anything is great and is my favourite version (in contrast to Loveless)