Nathan For You and The Rehearsal

This is a community service announcement. Nathan For You is an insanely funny TV show and it’s returning for it’s fourth season in the States at the minute so should hopefully be available soon.

Watch the show because it is extremely funny and good.


His Instagram page is good Ant:

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Everything is fine thank you. It’s starting to get stressful and busy at work and I’m quite tired already with several weeks more to go until we’re finished but I can’t complain really. I hope that you are well also?

it is indeed great. except there was one episode near the tail end of the first season (if i remember correctly) that (if i remember correctly) went a bit too far, even within the premise of the show. That aside, it’s had some superb moments.

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This is also true, he is one of two people who are making me consider getting an Instagram account (the other being Patrice Evra obviously)

I would probably follow you if you had an IG account.

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I’m not good at photos so I wouldn’t hold it against anyone (including you) if they (you) didn’t.

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Wonderful news

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I still cant tell how real this show is

I think it’s very real. When you listen to interviews with him he seems extremely genuine to me and the fact he does things like learn how to tightrope walk for nine months for the sake of one episode suggests a level of commitment that leads me to take it all at face value.

so are the businesses all unaware and think he is being legit? (only saw like 4 episodes but been meaning to go back)

He shoots absolutely loads and loads of stuff that they don’t use so I imagine the majority of that is people twigging that it’s not above board. I think the stuff that makes the show is either the business owner being unaware or, if they start to twig, the idea spirals into something else that becomes the focus.

Bookmarking this so we can all say it’s shit in a year’s time after someone involved accidentally called someone brother or whatever. Not watched it.


Good clips:

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Hadn’t heard of it until someone posted a clip on here and was in bits, very good show indeed.

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It’s so fucking funny

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Are you bad with cringe comedy more widely?

I understand that fully, I’ve got a pal like that who I recommended this to and he just couldn’t deal with that level of discomfort.

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I’m sure it helps some people with some things!

You’re a pioneer!