Neil Finn, seriously

My first gig of the year and it was wholesome as fuck. Entire Finn family reminding everyone how fucking easily they can knock out the hits.


they’re repeating the Flight of the Conchords radio series on Radio 4 Extra at the minute. First time listening to it properly and enjoying the Neil Finn running gag.


Love that. Like that he gets increasingly angry as the series goes on.

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Dont Dream Its Over is ace


Crowded House are one of the best bands i’ve ever seen, no one ever believes me. Distant Sun is a tuuuuuune

Isn’t Neil Finn in Fleetwood Mac these days? He’s better than that, someone needs to have a word


Got quite into that Liam Finn album at the time on the back of that Jools performance.

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If you ask me this is the best thing he’s ever done:


One of the best songwriters of all time. Reckon James mercer is the only one who can do it like him tbh.

Floors me every time.

So so so good.

Totally forgot about his contribution to early Flight of the Conchords! Been listening back over the past couple of days, so thanks for the tip @Icarus-Smicarus.

I don’t know much of his stuff but quite dipped my toe in with Woodface yesterday, keep the suggestions coming. :slightly_smiling_face:

He looks cool as fuck in that first vid

The final Crowded House album (Together Alone) and his first solo album (Try Whistling This) are my personal favourites. Slightly more experimental on the songwriting front and the production moves away from the 80s-ish whistles and boings into something a bit more tasteful. :+1:

And if you enjoy those two, head for I’ll Be Lightning by his son next.


Also really like how instead of him being scared of a picture coming to life, it just looks like he is scared of a wall mounted tv

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The textures on both of those are gorgeous, aye. The title track of together alone in particular is properly luxurious. And again, the way Sinner hangs all those different parts together is cool as fuck

‘Together Alone’ is my favourite. Great album.


one of the GOAT bass entrances on that song. Duddle-diddle-duddle-diddle-deeeeeee

Great cover

the live album he did with Johnny Marr and the Radioheads was real good