Neil Young - Songs for Judy

This sounds lovely…

Fucks sake, can someone add (not dead) to the thread title?


Proper shit me up then

darryl hannah keeping him alive and well my friends…

Just stick RIP on a thread title if someone is actually dead and everyone can stop having a fit when a thread goes up

Either way we must establish some rules

Not sure how you change a thread title to add not dead, but by all means be my guest

Great. He hasn’t released an acoustic album from 1976 since, ooooh, last year. Where’s Toast, you contrary old bastard?

What did he releqase last year from 76 solo acoustic could be off, but thought last archival release was 73 tonights the night. I agree though, hopefully Toast and Homegrown on Archives Vol. II when he decides to release that.

been on a massive binge of NY stuff for the last few months, i’ve decided on my current top ten:

1. on the beach

2. thrasher

3. cortez the killer

4. down by the river

5. danger bird

6. motion pictures

7. will to love

8. like a hurricane

9. albuquerque

10. don’t cry

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I think On The Beach has catapulted way up into my all time favorite albums list.


It was the Hitchhiker set:

Live At The Roxy did come out after that tbf, for RSD this year I think

that’s right and that was fabulous.

ooh, I’m going to have a go at this

1: Powderfinger

2: Over And Over

3: Down By The River

4: Cortez The Killer

5: Winterlong

6: I’m The Ocean

7: Change Your Mind

8: Long May You Run

9: Pocahontas

10: Ambulance Blues


not disputing that this new one will probably be decent, just wish he’d release something a bit different

I’ll also have a go:

  1. Love is a Rose

  2. Out on the Weekend

  3. Powderfinger

  4. Long May You Run

  5. Goin’ Back

  6. Winterlong

  7. Oh Lonesome Me

  8. After the Goldrush

  9. Down by the River

  10. Razor Love

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someone changed the tread title. Must have been one of those smashing pumpkins kidddddss… :smile:

The rule is: don’t just put the artist’s name FFS.

They’ve got an album out or a tour or whatever then put it in the thread title!

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bummer we were in need of a general neil young thread.

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