New Down I Go EP - Streaming at the Independent

My band have a new EP! It’s a kind of sequel to our old EP, Gods.

You can stream it and read a little about it on THIS link and then, should you so wish, preorder it HERE for the very reasonable sum of Four Pounds.


wait, i didn’t know you guys were back! will give this a listen straight away

Thanks, man! We never truly go away, do we?

!!! Gonna have to drop my baby to go listen to this!

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can’t believe I missed the 2015 album too - blasting that on Spotify now. sounds great! do you guys live in different countries still, any plans to tour?

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Still in different countries. It’d be great to play, but it’ll cost SO much it’s more likely to be when we all happen to be in the same place (i.e. Christmas, but not this one) than a ‘tour’ sort of thing.

We’re definitely never saying never, but there’s no plan at the moment.