New Game: i, Boring?

New game for people to play at their leisure, here are the rules:

You start a thread whose title starts with “i, Boring?” and the challenge is to make it so that the first fifty replies are all you. If someone else sneaks a reply in during the first 50 then you lose and must give your username and password to me in a PM. However if you win, link it back here and Sean will make you Administrator of the entire website… for an hour.

Not sure what you’re trying to prove here, Billy-Eleven-Replies

A sterling early effort from @hip_young_gunslinger here, thinking outside the box, but didn’t factor in the leaders.

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It was going so well

Fucking @1101010, got all the way up to @anon67149139

Have you PM’d your username and password to yourself, though?

I did, I’m expecting @hi_young_gunslinger’s one shorlty


C H A M P I O N !

I cheated but then the prize is meaningless to me so…

(I put the first 49 replies in when the thread was in the Staff forum so there were only about 10 people who could have stopped me and it was 7am UK time :smiley: )

Still counts Theo, that’s the sort of out-of-the-box thinking this game is about!