New Garbage!



If anything’s gonna bring ol’ @deep-blue back shirley (do you see what I did there ahahahaha) it’s this!


think his banning might put paid to this!


Thought this might be about a new devo album :frowning:


When was he banned, and why?

Not sure the guy who was suspected to be him (Trustmeimastomach?) was actually him, given his stance on female musicians.



You seen this man?


Prefer ‘lick garbage’ by pavement


Prefer ‘Lick it (the pavement)’ by Devo

Now lick it
Into shape
Shape it up
Get straight
Go forward
Move ahead
Try to detect it
It’s not too late
To lick it
Lick it good


Of course. Version 2.0 deserves that deluxe treatment.


Full album shows, ooft!


Speaking of that Garbage B-side, just how many people think that “Lick the Pavement” is about literally licking pavements and not… other pavements? LOL!


They did the same thing for their debut album: all album tracks + all B-sides + a few other hits. Their first 2 albums are fucking amazing.




A 9/10 from DiS for this remastered anniversary edition. I told you that Garbage are great.


:wave: hi bluey, how’s it going?


We’re all centrist dads who love Daily Mash links right?


Judging by that photograph I can only conclude that Shirley Manson and Lily Allen are morphing into the same person.


I have literally never seen them in the same room at the same time tbh tbf :thinking:


Garbage were the first band I ever saw live, they were great.

Version 2.0 has not stood the test of time though.


I disagree. It still sounds great even now. It helps that the songwriting is top notch and the production is really good.


Pretty good. I’m listening to music and enjoying the nice weather.