New Hammock album - Mysterium

There was a lot of love last year for Everything and Nothing. Not listened yet but adding to my to-do list.

Excellent. Last year’s was bloody brilliant.

This is really beautiful. Heartbreaking when you know the context from that Bandcamp feature.

Delighted by this news had no idea a new release was coming. Can you link to the band camp feature?

Sorry ignore that just realised your link to the album is the feature, need more coffee


Up on Spotify now, lets just say wow. Brilliance once again. Just slid into my top 5 releases of the year, but fully expected when a new Hammock release comes out.


Have you been following Slow Meadow? He collaborated on this and also released a beautiful album in a similar vein last year.

Oh yes, thoroughly enjoyed the first release. Strictly gave it a listen knowing Hammock was on a couple tracks.

Saw them in Hot Springs, AR like 7-8 years ago around the time of “Chasing After Shadows…”, randomly and was an absolutely life changing experience for me. Been to many shows in various different genres but had to be in the top 3 concerts I had ever seen, and had no idea who they were at the time. Recommended from a friend, pretty much my introduction to ambient music and have been listening to like minded artists 75% of the time since then. Fantastic musicians.

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They would probably be the one band I would say I would desperately love to see live.

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This is stunning. Very different from Everything and Nothing, and yet still there’s an extreme richness of sound. How consistently brilliant they are!

They never seem to tour the UK…been a fan for a decade and never noticed a gig here…or have I just missed out?!

Too expensive

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I’d ordered the last album from their bandcamp before had seen all the love on here & was quite pricey with the postage (vinyl)
but have seen that juno stocks it & are getting the new one in so will probably get it from there

Not a very powerful gigography on Songkick tbh tbf…

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Thanks for that…I did think about checking SK having posted - I do love their gigography feature…even started to try and tick off old favourite gigs of yore as a reminder - I was never one to keep ticket stubs…

…and wow - that is sparse by Hammock!..gig with SOTL would have been cool

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I’ve got Tweekly set up to tweet my top five last dot fm bands each Sunday. Hammock have appeared in the last three weeks. Without fail, Madera Outdoor Co. Have liked the tweet. I’m beginning to think there are some really low level hijinks to be enjoyed here.

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