It’s out!

It’s a BELTER!

Get your hedge cut!

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Seems only right to link to an actual order page too.

Is it actually good?? Was worried they’d lost it after offal.

I liked UFO, but prefer this.

I thought it was way below their usual high standard, but will give this a go, obviously. Cheers!

Do they have the greatest song titles ever?


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Ok - this is great.

‘Stop analysing strava’

nige has done me again.

i was just saying to myself the other day, it’s b3n a good while now since the last one

‘Ground control to Monty Don’


Renfield’s Afoot is the best song I’ve ever heard about bat walks. It was close, but this edged out all the competition.

Did you know The Shend is mentioned in a HMHB lyrics? That’s pretty much all I know about them because he mentions it enough times.

Nothing wrong with Offal, I reckon. “CRESTA! What the fuck were we drinking?”

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Midge Ure looks like a milk thief!

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That doesn’t surprise me!

Yeh, they’d had an insane run from Achtung Bong through to 90 Bisodol… I liked Urge For Offal but it lacked a certain spark. Maybe it was kind of dense. Kinda heavier than they’d been in a while.

It’s a very strong record. On my latest listen through it was “Harsh Times in Umberstone Covert” that got me:

Sour-faced she picked out the gherkins
Saw Christ in Dorothy Perkins
Oh Geraldine, we were so laissez-faire
Every other day was a non-sequitur
Hadron Collider, who’s there?
Knock, knock

Every Time a Bell Rings is still my early fave though.


Think it’s my favourite since Achtung Bono, What Made Colombia Famous and Knobheads on Quiz Shows are instant classics. The line about Wiggo and Froomedog on Every Time a Bell Rings gets me every time.

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Every Time A Bell Rings is a flat out masterpiece. Also a big fan of Man of constant sorrow and Knobheads on quizshows. Well, the whole record really. TUESDAY. 2AM. MONACO.

Yeah, definitely a return to form for me too. So many good tracks. Harsh Times in Umberstone Covert is my highlight exactly for the lyrics listed above.

Anyone going to the London gig on Friday. My first HMHB gig!