New Obscure Music Thread

Post your favourite recent obscure music.
Here’s a short list -

Lassie - Lassie - Just a Couple of Dudes (2019) - YouTube
Prig - PrIG // 'Sense' (Video) - YouTube
Caramboulage - Carambolage - Carambolage (Full EP) - YouTube
Macula Dog - Macula Dog - Smokestack (Official Video) - YouTube

There’s a bandcamp discoveries thread I started (and have neglected) a while ago which works well for this sort of thing.

Always enjoy some obscurity.

Have you heard of All Flaws?


no. link?

Do you have the link to it?

There ya go

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super, thanks man!
cool thread, although I was hoping to find more indie / punk / rock music there…
the russian band was really nice

I’m sure if we try to bump it a bit people will add more of that kind of thing. I’m more of an electronics man myself these days but there are plenty of indie fans around here.

There ya go

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