New Releases 01/02

apart from the obvious/mandatory stuff already mentionned (Beirut, tiny ruins , rustin man…), I can suggest new albums by Masaki Batoh (psych-folk) Twice a man (“psybient suite” as they say ^^), annabelle playe (GRM hacked & harshed?), Xosar (impressively nightmarish electronics), Andrew Wasylyk (mix britfolk/library music/Modern classical), Dave Harrington group (the guitar half of darkside w/Nicolas Jaar) & best of all soundworlds blender Maurice Louca

most of this is in there :

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I think technically it was released yesterday but anyway Not Waving have a new one out called Futuro, which is some sort of soundtrack to an art installation.

I really didn’t like the last Not Waving album so wasn’t going to bother but this is completely different - synthy ambient stuff and I’m really liking it,

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They have always been mega low profile for some reason - they don’t even show up on his Wiki page. Well worth checking out though :+1:


Holmes produced the third album by Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. Recorded and mixed in Belfast, the album ‘Who Built the Moon?’ was released on 24 November 2017.

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The man can do no wrong for me (apart from the odd production job here and there) :slight_smile:


Sorry, not intended as a reply to you retro unc

I’m going to pick up the Unloved LP in a bit.

I might also buy the new Kid Koala, but I think that was from last week. His album with Emiliana Torrini was lush and the new one is the second in the series so I have high hopes.

There’s a bunch of Cardigans reissues today too, so I might accidentally buy Life on vinyl if it has the original Swedish tracklist

Seems like a new Deptford Goth album has dropped today as well. Really liked his earlier albums and “What’s That Sound” released under his own name (Daniel Woolhouse). No idea whether it’s any good or not

Spotify description (because I’m rubbish): R&B-inflected electro-pop. Seems accurate…

That description works for me

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Rustin Man’s voice is very Robert Wyatt

This is indeed working for me

Bit coheed and cambria in places but most of it sounds great

I’m really liking the Spielbergs album. It took a couple of listens as its quite different to the EP. But I’m liking it a lot.

oh shit!

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Boy Harsher album anyone?
Synthy, cold wavey, industrialy kind of thing going on


newie. i think. first two tracks released were great. but its got like 30 (THIRTY) songs.

Yeah their second double album in the last couple of years. Singles were good so looking forward to giving it a spin later but I’m expecting inconsistency

If you’re ever in any doubt about a GBV release, just remember it’s always almost certainly a new one.


I’m really liking this.

there’s a new heather woods broderick song
peter can swivel

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yup…their regular LP’s are inconsistent…what made them do a double!? anyways, the singles were tops, so long as there are a few more tracks of that standard i’ll be happy.