New Releases 09/06/2017

Trypheme - Online Dating
Ambient techno - pretty melodic (SAW 85-92 would be the lazy reference). Pretty much everything on the Computer Processing Unit label is gold, and this is my fave this year from them.

Cubering - Soma
On the spacier end of the ambient techno spectrum. Elements of ambient dub and oodles of reverb.

Conrad Schnitzler / Pole - Wurm
Love this. Reminds me of Chiastic Slide-era Autechre.

Octo Octa Where Are We Going?
Summery house with a hint of electro.

WaqWaq Kingdom - Shinsekai
Dancehall/dub/psy - absolutely brilliant, this. Imagine if Deep Forest had grown up on a diet of dubstep.

Varg - Nordic Flora Series Pt.3
Deep, relatively dark atmospheric techno. This beat Gas as my AOTM for May.

Gas - Narkopop
Assuming you’ve heard this already.

Bola - D.E.G.
Best Bola album since Soup (I’m assuming you’ve heard Soup. If you’ve not heard Soup, sack off this list and do that instead)

John Shima - Elements Unknown
B12 are fronting a bit of an IDM revival. This fella is on their label and this EP is looovely.

Probably a load I’ve missed, but this is what came to mind. Oh, and Shackleton’s album from January. That’s great as well.


You hero :heart_eyes:

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@Twinkletoes is certainly my favourite contributor to these threads, although I’ve not got enough time to hear them all, what with all my emo.

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SZA (really great smooth, poppy R&B)

Agent Blå (kind of like a cheap, Makthaverskan knock-off, but still some decent tunes)

Have had a few listens over the weekend and it’s absolutely brilliant!

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Thanks didn’t realise there was new SZA - will check it. Always worth popping in this thread each week!

Think all the others I intended on listening to have been mentioned, aside from Anathema.

That WaqWaq Kingdom LP had totally passed me by and on first listen is totally fucking brilliant :smiley: Couple others there I’m looking forward to checking out as well… top top posting!!

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Listening to it again now. That outro to Oh it’s Good when they switch to half-speed :heart_eyes:

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pleasantly surprised to see there is a new Ruby Suns album!

And that Babe Rainbow album is out! Need to catch up on these

This is superb.

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All kinds of yes. Been on pretty much constant rotation so thanks again!

I also share your exact opinion on that Varg LP - properly brilliant. The idea of anything trumping a (very fucking decent) GAS record for the month is basically laughable, yet somehow, the more time goes on…

1 Like tells me I have listened to it 13 times so far. It’s making me very happy.

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