New Releases 10/06/2022

No new release thread?

There’s a new Joyce Manor - 16 minutes of poppy punky fun. So short, I accidentally listened to it three times through.


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Im enjoying Salamanda this morning - Seoul-based electronic musicians with an album incorporating vocals and mallet instruments.

Salamanda - ashbalkum

Will also be checking out Benny Bock - solo debut of the Los Angeles composer and Weeknd associate.

Benny Bock - Vanishing Act



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New Blackhaine ep for me today it hasn’t been uploaded to bandcamp yet but since Pavement has apparently not uploaded to Spotify correctly I can wait.


Air Texture VIII: Anthony Naples + DJ Python

8th instalment of the co-curated experimental dance music compilation, with a pair of Brooklyn heavyweights taking the reins.



Woozy electro-jazz beats tape.

Strong week for me!

Principally Deliluh. Canadian post punk quartet now busted down to European duo, stripping back their still-claustrophobic nocturnal sound and adding more electronic touches. Quietly excited about this.

Also new ones from The Range (electronic-y), Utopia Strong (snooker legend Steve Davis’ band!), and Sam Slater (stripped back modern comp/electronic/drone with JFDR on vocals).


Julius Rodriguez - Let Sound Tell All

Exciting jazz debut from a multi-instrumentalist and composer with gospel, R&B and hip-hop influences.

Moonchild Sannelly

South African electro funk pop


Shearwater - The Great Awakening
First new Shearwater album in a long while. Lovely to hear his voice again. Diving in now.

A few other random albums also, but will need to listen and post about them later.


Also on my list

Neneh Cherry

Reworking her catalogue with a load of guest stars

Sinead O’Brien

Sort of Irish-talky-word-pop. Really enjoyed her when she appeared in Music League


Sinead O’Brien and Joyce Manor for me.

Didnt realise that Deliluh have a new one out. Cheers @bruised_blood

And I’ll check out Grace Ives who has a Best New Music thing on Pitchfork. Haven’t heard of her before.

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Saw her at Prima randomly on some recommendations from strangers in a queue. Very cool and good stage presence, catchy but always a bit unsettling

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Not loads this week by the looks of it.

Will check out the new Nick Mulvey record.

Nick Mulvey - New Mythology



Jimmy Eat World on course for the album every 3 years cycle.


µ-Ziq - Magic Pony Ride

Mike Paradinas’s first solo full-length on his Planet Mu label for nine years. Found some of his recent EPs and collaborations to be amongst his best work so looking forward to this for some fun IDM.


Thought I would enjoy the Sinead O’Brien record, but I’m getting sick of this spoken word schtick on almost every new post-punk release. Fine to start with but gets so tedious after 4 or 5 tracks.

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Massive chart battle on this week with both these singles released on the same day!


Another ridiculously long Sam Gendel project? Ah, go on then.

Started the new E L U C I D earlier, sounding really good so far.

Sinead O’Brien for me too, amongst others. I saw this one got a positive 8/10 review in Line of Best Fit and a bit of a kicking in Loud and Quiet, the latter picking up on the thing @citysickness alludes to above, that some of this record feels more like poetry-with-backing-music than a cohesive set of songs.