New Releases 14th October 2022

Not got long to post this, so I’ll keep it short

Tove-Lo - Dirt Femme - the one I’m most excited about this week. Scandipop bangers

The 1975 - Being Funny In A Foreign Language Gobshite and the Gang are back to the future once again probably with more 80s style jams.

Sparta - Sparta - anything the Mars Volta can do, Sparta won’t do as well. I had no idea they were still around tbh.

Betty Who - Big! Pop. Not sure about this one but some of her songs have banged in the past.

RHCP also have an album out, but if the song I’ve heard a couple of times on the radio out here is from it, then it’s gonna be worse than you could ever have imagined.

Anyway I need to wash the Pacific out of my hair now. What you listening too, listeny huns?


The Reds, Pinks and Purples - They Only Wanted Your Soul

More lazy, melancholy indie pop


No links here yet but excited for these.

Bill Callahan- YTILAER

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Another album! Thanks for the heads up. Uncommon Weather was my favourite of 2021.

Turns out it’s a reissue of sorts…


Before The Reds, Pinks & Purples started getting noticed by a larger audience, the - I Should Have Helped You 4 song EP - snuck out on Swedish experimental label I Dischi Del Barone and quickly disappeared, becoming a little-heard but often whispered about piece of the RPPs discography.

Recorded around the same time as the material that ended up on the buzzed- about LP Uncommon Weather , it contains some of the best examples of Glenn Donaldson 's melancholy but wry take on indie pop. Needless to say, it’s terrific. The original 7" is now a white whale for collectors, trading for silly prices on Discogs when it shows up at all.

This music needs to be heard, so we’ve put together this limited reissue that adds six more tracks to make it a mini-LP length grab bag of hits. It has songs about record shopping, religion, worker’s rights, dysfunctional holidays, and of course heartbreak sung over a maze of shimmering fuzzy guitars and drum machine beats – essential chapter of the Reds, Pinks & Purples story.



Gritty indie pop punk of the highest order


ahhhh finally new Birds In Row, probably my most anticipated album this year! screamo-y hardcore from France. first track Water Wings is an absolute belter


Say Sue Me - 10

Korean indie rock band release an EP to celebrate their 10th anniversary. 6 covers (Yo La Tengo, Silver Jews, Guided By Voices, Grandaddy, Daniel Johnston and Pavement), plus 2 new arrangements


Roman Flugel - Balmy Evening

Exploring his ambient side


Rival Consoles - Now Is

Electronic. Always look forward to his releases.


Whoa! This is now the big one of the week and probably month. Didnt realise they have one out either.


Big day

I LOVED their debut, really excited to hear this.

Excited for Tove Lo also. And a collab between Lisa Gerrard and Zbigniew Preisner

Will give the new Poppy EP and the new Eno a go too.

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Hells YEAH!

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Say I didn’t know already, who would I ask about Alaskalaska?

…… The Unthanks

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@NeilYoung is it just that I’m signed up to UK Spotify that I’ve got links while in San Diego?


Correctamundo. They don’t hit until midnight eastern time. The UK one up’s us again.


Chorusgirl - Collapso Calypso

Jangly indie pop, channeling 60s girl groups through 80s pop and new wave


If I had to sum them up, I’d simply say that ALASKALASKA debuted in 2017 with the jazz-fused four-on-the-floor rhythms album, The Dots, demonstrating a knack for pop melody. Throughout the last few years, the South London band has explored new methods of working, performing with Tame Impala, Nilüfer Yanya, and Hot Chip and navigating their style toward indie-electronica sounds.


I’ve been meaning to find this out for ages, but when at home it’s hard to remember. I’ve enjoyed these two weeks of getting a new drop of albums at 4pm while getting ready to hit the town.

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