New releases 16/3/18

Yo La Tengo all day long… properly excited for this ahead of seeing them next month.
Will also give Mount Eerie another listen at some stage this weekend - It streamed on NPR last week so have already heard it once.
Intrigued by this & will try to get to it at some point too… @Twinkletoes gives great recommendations :+1:


If you enjoy this, you can go really deep on Alva Noto. Until recently he co-ran the Raster-Noton label and released a trove of incredible solo releases and collaborations. His work with Ryuichi Sakamoto is some of my favourite… ever. Sakamoto’s twinkling piano melodies and Alva Noto’s intricate rhythms are a match made in heaven.
He can be quite ‘abstract’ at times, but his ability to manipulate little bleeps and clicks into compelling beats and soundscapes is astonishing.


^ this. Cendre is essential

That’s Fennesz and Sakamoto!!!11!1!!!11
I mean, you’re correct. Sakamoto + glitchy electonic artist is a surefire win.

thanks man, I was aiming squarely for the Lauren Laverne ‘headphones moment’ slot but I think I probably needed to make it at least about 2 minutes shorter for that

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Today is the Tangled Hair album release day so I am not going to listen to anything else for a week.


Nope, I’m on to this now, and pretty sure this is not Seb Rochford’s Polar Bear. Sounds like an awful Beach Boys tribute act to me. How disappointing.

The Leaf Label site also doesn’t have anything about it and Last.FM seems to think there’s the jazz act and some Jane’s Addiction offshoot.

Damn these unoriginal “bear” bands.

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This remix far surpases the original imo

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cheers ma0

I dunno about that, horses for courses etc

I’ve just noticed though that the Djangoes have 175,000 followers on Spotify — expect another stat attack in the next few days like the one in the Thurs eve thread last night

I’m living for the numbers


Lots to listen to today (YLT & Mount Eerie being the big ones for me), plus not mentioned yet is another new one from Rafael Anton Irisarri, this time back on Umor Rex:


this is fucking fantastic mate :clap:

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Thanks dude :pray:t4:

Are you back in town? Come over for a whisky when you are

Don’t bother with the Snoop album guys unless you’re feeling like you REALLY need to be preached to about the virtues of the one true god. I lasted 3 tracks.

I’m back next week - will give you a yell when I make it! Still snowing right?

nah, it’s really sunny & nice,

about -8°C with 2 ft of snow still on the ground, nicely melted & refrozen into ice

Just been on and found out there’s a full LP out from KIKOK now.

Yeah this this great! :wink:

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John Grant and Wrangler. Lasted a couple of tracks. Not for me, Clive.

This is so good.

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