New Releases 28/04/2017

Couldn’t see everyone’s favourite most useful thread yet, so I’ll start it.

please remember to give a brief explanation of the style of music.

Not sure what’s out, myself, bar:

Mew - more of the same off beat dream pop
and I guess
Gorillaz - IDK, probably upbeat cameo jams

Not sure about the new Mark Lanegan album. I quite like his new 80s sound but on first listen it sort of breezed past me. I love Nocturne though. It probably just needs a couple more listens.

been listening to the tracks from this Japanese dude’s new one on ewetube and it sounds great

edit: it’s fun inventive indie pop rock

Listening to the new Juliana Hatfield album. It’s good but not as good as some reviews I’ve read.

Being cheeky. Have a think which is the best of the month and vote in my AOTM thread.

also new Colin Stetson is bound to be good, further adventures in bonkers close mic saxophone wizardry

it’s on npr still

I’ve played, or have queued up all of the following (no descriptions, can’t be arsed):

Sylvan Esso
Mark Lanegan
Thurston Moore
Colin Stetson
Juliana Hatfield

ooh, Blood Command are finally back. I’d lazily describe them as Refused inspired pop punk.

DJ Format and Abdominal are back with more radio-friendly beats and food related nursery rhymes.

Ta for letting me know JH had a new album out. Will add that to my queue.

If you like brash pop then I heartily recommend WHITE’s One Night Stand Forever. They’re the new Franz Ferdinand I tells ya!

Not going to bother with Gorillaz as practically all of it has slipped out over the past few weeks and nothing sounded great.

The new single from Drahla on Too Pure Singles Club is one of the best things I’ve heard this year (not online though), they will go far.

There’s a new Mi Mye single out today too. FFO Sparklehorse, The National, Smog. It has a really strong b-side too…

New College album. Don’t think I’ve listened before. it sounds like it’s work well as a soundtrack - ambient based, electro

Got high hopes for the new Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. Very high hopes indeed.

He doesn’t have one out this week - they’re fortnightly. I’m pretty sure his album next week will generate some attention.

EDIT: to be honest as a mega fan, I’m pretty upset you didn’t already know this, eps, pretty damn upset, no, upset and annoyed.

^ isn’t a member of the fan club that gets sent extra releases. Filthy casual.

yeah, I’ve made my view on fortnightly albums known. I can’t imagine the trauma you must suffer each week.

also, I’m a little less upset from this revelation, but even more annoyed.

The Family Crest - Prelude to War [EP]

Fates Warning - Awaken the Guardian Live

Mew - Visuals. Good record. I still want to hear the Japanese bonus tracks.

I’m getting into the new Mark Lanegan, too, but I’m with @colossalhorse in that it definitely took me a few listens through to get there.

Also came across some (what seems to be) brand new fuzzy-psychedelic rock on my local radio station yesterday. It was played late last night, artist called ‘Ghost Train’.

New to me, but definitely enjoyed the stuff I’ve heard heard so far:

J x

New Surgeon EP is ok. I think it’s what the kids call Techno.

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I will be listening to “The Bitterness Prophecy” the new album of atmospheric black metal by Slovenian band Veldes;

I will also be checking out the new Lanegan and Mew.

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The new Colin Stetson is fan-fucking-tastic. Important release.

Also recommend the new Ryuichi Sakamoto which got me through work today.