New Releases 5/3/2021

Airy indie pop from Bernice, their last album was great so I’ve high hopes for this

New of Montreal, think they’ve been on a decent streak lately but could go anywhere really

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Jogging House - Flaws

@ghosthalo - cielo 1.


Ah yeah the first half of the last OM album was good. Fuck 20 songs though

Happy Kings of Leon day guys


This is where I am going to start the day.

“On Hold is a series of 10 pieces derived entirely from call waiting music. Recorded through the phone and manipulated to achieve a wider enveloping soundscape to both ease and inspire, to be placed on hold is to lose a sense of power and control.”


Ghanaian/Australian odd ball neo-soul/rap artist Genesis Owusu releases his debut today. Really liked the singles. A flick through the album seems like it’s a real genre/genre-less grab bag, touching on R&B, funk, indie rock, post-punk and many other things in-between.


Alex Bleeker (of Real Estate) solo album.

Seems funny to me that long-time solo artist Andrew Bird waited until a pandemic where we shouldn’t see others to release an album in collaboration with another


Slight JAG cos I play in her live band when she isn’t doing backing track sets in normal times! I had nothing to do with the EP beyond introducing her to the producer Erin when we were both in New York together a few years back. Sounds great, have a listen!

Need something calming? Try any of these first three:

  • Neil Cowley - Hall of Mirrors
    Ambient/electronic/neo-classical pianoled pieces, a debut solo album though had a number of records as the Neil Cowley Trio.
  • Field Works - Cedars

Cedars combines cosmic Americana with Western ambient and Middle Eastern influences. Delicate layers of pedal steel, banjo, oud, and hurdy-gurdy float atop looping guitar drones to create a soothing, atmospheric chamber where folk and electronic music coalesce. Set to Arabic and English poetry, the song cycle examines some of Earth’s most iconic and ancient forests, revealing our complicated relationship with the natural world

  • Roetger Hoedemaekers - The Age of Oddities
    Modern classical album which is partly a eulogy to the soundtrack composer’s late collaborator Jóhann Jóhannsson.

Not looking for calm? Check these out after Arab Strap:

  • Tobacco - Fucked Up Friends 3
    Sick electronic beats
  • Norf Face - Norf Face
    Grime collective of JME, Capo, Shorty and Frisco combine for a short album

Main thing I’m listening to is the vinyl of the Divide/Dissolve album that arrived this week. What a superb record.


Smirk - LP

brute garage punk experimentalism


The Stools - Feelin’ Fine (EP)

bluesy punk trio from Detroit

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New Wolvennest! 2018’s debut was a fascinating, rather uncategorisable foray into psychedelia, post black metal and dark ambience. Looking forward to diving into this later!

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So much to digest today and there will be a Music League playlist dropping later. It’s all a little overwhelming!

the main reason I’ve decided to drop out of the second league. i just can’t devote the time required at the moment.

One of them or Soccer Mommy should change their name imo

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They really both should.

Also they should be made to change the ‘o’ in Mom(my) to a ‘u’ for UK releases/tours.



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New Open Hand album.

Not sure what to describe it as, in the notes on their bandcamp they say it’s a cross between Depeche Mode, Sabbath, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Beach Boys and Peter Gabriel.