New songs on greatest hits albums


Remember when record companies used to release greatest hits albums? Yeah? And remember how they used to inevitably have one or two new songs on them, as a way to get fans of the band to buy them? Yeah?

Well, they were inevitably total shit weren’t they. Were there ever any good ones? I’m not sure there were


this is still happening in 2017. though it is more common to bundle a bonus single on a ‘deluxe edition’.


Do people still bother with greatest hits albums? I can’t think of any big ones released recently…


The Chemical Brothers - The Golden Path


always bringing them out around christmas and father’s/mother’s day. the bigger the artist, the more greatest hits compilations they have.

endless amounts come out after someone has died, too


New Order - True Faith


I remember really liking the two new Green Day songs on International Superhits! I have just checked and I was 12 when that album was released so might not hold up very well.


No way! I’m wrong then aren’t i


This one is okay, but not really representative of the Chemical Brothers’ best work


I like There By The Grace of God from The Manic’s single collection.


Got no issue with this


They werent all shit!!!


The Best of the Beatles is their best album.


Love Twenty Years by Placebo. Think it was off their first greatest hits collection.


You’re right for the vast majority of comps,
Free As A Bird from The Best Of The Beatles being a good example.


I have since discovered that Something Kinda Ooooh by Girls Aloud was recorded specifically for their greatest hits, and that’s their best song, so along with New Order that’s at least two good ones


Slint - ‘Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)’

quite little-known as a result, though there was a successful cover version I think


^ don’t even know why I posted this


Runaground by James is a great song written for their best of album.


I like Music is my Radar