new worriedaboutsatan

for the few of you who might be interested, the 9th satan album went up for pre-order today:

nice lil video of the lead track here as well:


I’m a fan of worriedaboutsatan and I really like this.

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Always good news. Afternoon listening sorted…

Edit: no, just a preorder… Will just have to look forward to it instead then


@Huggy_Bear @SunnyB cheers guys!

@SunnyB ah yeah, sorry - just a pre-order, BUT there will be another slice of the album coming out relatively soon!


Will get this, a bit behind on my Satan albums, think I have everything up to crystalline then missed a few… great to hear new stuff…

Are ghosting season gone forever? I love that album

I mastered this record! It’s fantastic! Buy it! :smiley:


nice one, thanks! some belters in the post crystalline discography there, so hope you enjoy em

ghosting season is indeed gone for good. satan is now down to just me these days, so I don’t think GS will be making a comeback anytime soon!

oh shit, also should probably mention I’m on the road in March. come see me play guitar in your town!*

*only applicable if your town is Shipley, Leeds, Glasgow or London

This is out tomorrow - good, eh?
also playing in at Wharf Chambers in Leeds to celebrate. Come down and par-tay.

I’d be down but I’m on toddler duty unfortunately. Enjoy it though!

Bis Ich Komme :heart:

thought you’d like that one hehe :wink:
no worries -am sure i’ll be back in leeds or its surrounds soon-ish!

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Whole album is brilliant - might be my favourite thing you’ve done


thanks man! certainly ended up one of my own personal favourite satan things too.

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Agree that it’s great.

Loving Slur They Words, in particular.

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Love the album on first listen. Some of it feels like the onset of a panic attack. But in a very good way.

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Bought on bandcamp, going to listen tonight… Looking fwd to it!


I’m staying at a friend’s house and he has this insane system.

To say this sounds amazing is putting it lightly.


holy shit, that looks intense!
thanks for the kind words though, glad you liked it!

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thanks! people really liking that one, and it was the one I was most in two minds about putting on there!

oh, and thank you for picking up a copy too, @Cameron78 - hope you enjoyed it!