NFL Divisional Playoffs thread


Patriots (argh)

Have this horrible feeling that the Cowboys are going to pull off an upset. Truly the darkest timeline.

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Season actually unexpectedly stopped with 10s left of the last game. Assume parkey slotted the kick and the bears go into next season as the joint champions


Gutted we don’t get the chance to batter the Rams for a second time this year.

Eagles (woah!)

Cowboys (really wish KT wasn’t though)

Chiefs Chargers Saints Rams.

I don’t think you could convince me that any of the others, possibly excluding the Colts and with the caveat that Evil Bill might have been holding something back, are actually particularly good football teams.

i think the ‘not being a good team’ thing is what’s worrying me though, i agree why hyggy that i have this horrible feeling inside me that the Cowboys could grind out a win somehow, same with the Eagles.

if you put a gun to my head i’d go Chiefs and Saints, but i honestly feel the whole weekend is a bit of a toss up. obvs want the Chargers and Rams to win the other 2 games but am definitely not placing any bets this weekend (as I lost my first and only NFL bet thanks to that goddamn kick last week)

Colts, Cowboys, Chargers, Saints because playoff Andy Reid, McVay/Goff and that secondary being found out, old man Brady v a million DBs and the Saints being the much better team reasons.

Chiefs (though their defence and Andy Reid worry me)
Rams (I can’t pick the clapper over McVay)
Pats (can’t pick against them at home)
Saints (seeing Trubisky pick on that young dback in the second half last week, I dread to think what Brees will do to them, as much as I want to believe in Big Dick Nick)

Here are some big opinions on the latest coaching hires:

Vic Fangio to the Broncos: have always liked him as a DC, think he could do a Zimmer at the Vikings job with a decent OC on board.

Adam Gase to the Jets: “QB whisperer” who had one great season with Peyton Manning followed by a few middling ones with Jay Cutler and Ryan Tannehill gets Sam Darnold and a dismal roster to build in his image. Get the feeling this particular marriage has a 7-9 ceiling.

Freddie Kitchens to the Browns: just wish I was there when they told Gregg Williams tbh.


Mike Patton singing anthem made my day…

I like Rams big. McVay learned from the defeat last year and a nice week of rest.
Pats (just so tough to go against at home)
Saints (foles magic ends here)

Which means Pats have a home playoff game against the colts uggg. Brady goes back to bowl again.

Last week we saw a lot of defense. I think this week we see a lot of scoring.

Gregg Williams to the Jets at DC apparently. Shit.

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I’m picking the same. The chargers is possibly wishful thinking. But surely old man Brady can’t possibly make another super bowl.

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Didn’t think I could face any NFL after last Sunday night, but snow game you say…

In honour of the double doink last week, Goose Island are offering free beer for a year to anyone who can make a 43 yard field goal. The conditions are not ideal, but it is not going well…


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