NFL Fantasy 2020

The NFL season is about 6 weeks away. Probably. Maybe. Let’s assume it is going to happen shall we, they seem grimly determined that it will somehow. If so, who is back in for DiS NFL fantasy football?

The following were your commissioners last year:

Div 1 - @kenako
Div 2 - @mildmanneredjanitor
Keeper - @spit-fire

Are you guys ready to run it again?

I am in for whatever leagues run. If you would like to be in and haven’t been before, sign up below, we always get some turnover.

Div 1 managers last year






An unknown non-disser


Anthony (jontosh’s mate)



henrik (keanko’s mate)


3 need to be relegated, don’t know who.

Div 2 managers last year

The_excession – promoted

@FKA_Adam_Jeffson – promoted

@badmanreturns – promoted


Manager of Bada Bings

Manager of All Star Safety Dancers







@notevendreams might be one of the missing ones?


Keeper managers:

Adam Jeffson
Ginger Avengers manager

I would be very up for a slot in division 2 if there ends up being a spare. Really think this is Roy Helu’s year.

I’m checking with my mate Anthony for DIV1. I’m in

Div 1

So that’s friendofthenight, yeahbitterns and tea_seagull down

I am IN for Keeper and Div 2

Anthony is in

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I’m in for Div 2 again (or I guess Div 1 if there are any dropouts, given I’m next in line)

I’d be up for this if there’s a place going

was just about to 'fess up to coming 10th. I’m in for this season in Div 2.

Here for Div II. The real competition, in my eyes

I’m in for both Div1 one and keeper. My wife (Ginger Avengers) is also in for keeper.

Thank you for organising :slight_smile:

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in. I’m not missing the draft this year!

I’m in

Yep - in for div 1.

I’m in for Div 2 once I remember my login…

Bump for @kenako and @spit-fire.

How do people feel about moving to a new platform? has its charms, but it is far from the best. One of the worst things is the lack of chat facility which makes this rounding up so much harder each year. I’ve been using Sleeper for other leagues and it is much better to use, I would imagine that other Sleeper users such as @hip_young_gunslinger, @acorn and @anon50098204 (and othes whose usernames I’ve forgotten) would also vouch for it?