North Eastern Seaboard aka MEGALOPOLIS

Hello DiSers, especially @NeilYoung @hip_young_gunslinger @other US adjacent DiSers

I am planning a trip to visit my brother in New York in late September so I can go see the Jets trounce the Pats at the Meadowlands

the BA sale ends today and currently I can fly in to Philly and home from Boston for £399

if I’m gonna be in the country for 10ish days, how many nights should I spend in each city (will do at least 3 in NYC as i can crash with my bro for free but looking to leave the city on day trips for the first time) and where should i go?

was thinking Philly (how many nights is enough?) - NYC (inc. upstate for a day?) - New Haven (1 night) - Boston (2 nights?)

My priorities are - drinking, wandering around, decent/local foods, sports

Any suggestions welcome!

Have you been to any of Boston, NYC, Philly or Washington before?

only NYC!

Boston: Cape Cod. Think you can get a ferry there.

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was just checking out the ferry to Provincetown! big Anthony Bourdain spot iirc

We did a whale watching tour from there (which I’m sure you can also do from Boston) and it was just a nice place to go. I had a great time in cape cod on the whole tbh. Food was amazing! Lobster rolls all the way.


Yeah Cape Cod is wonderful this time of year. Yarmouth is great, middle way up the Cape. For New Haven you’ve got to go to Worchester Street for the best pizza in the USA. Tons of great one’s there but my favorite is Zeneli’s. 1000 google reviews, 4.9. (for some reason not letting me imbed the link). Westville Music Bowl is a nice little spot for outdoor concerts (seats around 5,000).

Dependent on how far upstate in NY you’re willing to go Cooperstown (home of the baseball Hall of Fame), Niagara Falls, Letchworth State Park, Lake George will be great places to visit and plenty to do eat/drink.

Couple of nights in Philly should suffice. If you want an authentic Philly Cheese Steak, Pats and Gino’s are the originators. Izakaya is some ridiculously good sushi.

Not sure if you are into baseball but the Phillies, Mets, Yankees, Red Sox will all be closing the season out around that time, check their schedules dependent on dates of travel.

Also the train from NYC will take you directly into downtown New Haven. Only about an hour train ride or so.

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legend! yeah man defs up for a baseball game, went in seattle and in toronto and loved it both times.

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Yeah hit me up when you’re closer to the date. I work in New Haven all the time, if I’m around would love to buy you a beer.

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Hero, will do man.

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Provincetown is great - definitely the most liberal place I’ve ever been in the States. Within an hour we saw a woman dressed as Cruella DeVille leading a group of guys wearing nothing but dalmation print speedos on leads down the highstreet and nobody batting an eyelid. Everywhere else we went after, people asked us where we’d been and as soon as we said there, their eyes would widen and they’d go “P-Town, gee waddya make of that?”

My uncle recommended Cape Cod National Seashore as one of his favourite places in the US, so we visited Coast Guard Beach on our way up the Cape, and he wasn’t wrong. Beautiful, unspoilt sands and blue ocean. The whole area is stunning.


Late September will actually be a perfect time to visit the Cape as well. They get crazy amount of summer vacationers and tourists from Memorial Day to Labor Day (this week to first week in September, basically the entire summer, and with good reason.) You can get very busy traffic patterns if driving. There’s a direct ferry ride that will take you to Boston to Provincetown (which is the very top of the Cape).

Don’t know if you like to fish, but around this area is the mecca for charter boats. Can rent a boat with a captain taking you out, provides rod and reels, bait/chum, beers. You can catch some big boys out there, shark, bluefin tuna, striped bass. All catch and release.

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Oh no way. My bookshop just bought a new place in New Haven so I’ll be out later this year!


Oi oi hit me up when your in town would love to buy you a beer as well if im around.

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