🕰 Octobadger on Countdown 🔢 🔠

If anyone would be interested in watching, I’ll be a contestant on Countdown on Wednesday afternoon, 14:10 GMT on Channel 4 (or you can watch live or on catch-up online). I’ve been on before, unsuccessfully, ten years ago - and decided to go back to give it another try because I lost to someone who had come back on ten years after losing in his own first appearance.

I know we have at least a couple of previous contestants on the forum and presumably plenty of others familiar with the show - if you can, please watch along and post here to show your support (for me or for my opponent, as you see fit). Playing along is encouraged!


Will tune in, good luck!


Congratulations on your status as the forum’s most prominent Countdown contestant.

(good luck!)


Finally, some positive badger representation outside of Countryfile


It is your mission, if you choose to accept it, to sneak in an obscure jazz reference in the show somewhere. Unless it’s already been filmed, then i’ll just say… did you win?? :grin:

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It has been filmed already - I do get a music-related word in somewhere!

And the only way to find out how I got on is to tune in on Wednesday.

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I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that I don’t think I even come close to this title!

Thanks mate, really means a lot


Thus will be a very fun lift to my first day back at work

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How was John Parrott?

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He was nice enough, but he wasn’t overly chatty with the contestants and I can’t really remember his anecdotes - think I remember him mainly just talking a lot about Ally McCoist being a cheeky chappy.


national treasure


Thanks, you’re pretty special yourself!


I hope you’re going to do an Octobadger Manoeuvre and guess a 9 letter word with letters that aren’t on the board. I think I would die with happiness.

Or just keep guessing lots of 5 letter words for every round, and after each guess say ‘This was a previous Wordle answer that I had guessed in five attempts. I did/did not use the Octobadger Manoeuvre to guess it.’


It’s surprisingly common for people to declare words with letters that aren’t there! I think it’s because you have a pen and paper and feel compelled to write down the letters where you could make a mistake in taking them down, whereas playing along at home you’re just keeping your eyes on the screen and the actual letters.

I dont think Wordle is discussed on screen but before I went on I was chatting to the show’s floor manager about it, specifically remember telling her I’d guessed Vowel first that day as I always mix it up and it seemed appropriate for the occasion.

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2:10pm nowadays? They keep moving it back, don’t they?

Hope you did well, I’ll try to tune in, but unlikely to be able to get away from work at that time.

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I’m the absolute opposite to this. When I have a pen and paper I’m fine but if I try to do it visually I’ll always add letters in (normally doubling up on an existing letter rather than adding in a brand new one)


I was watching this morning and wondered, since Susie Dent is so good at getting the longest words why does she simply not enter the show?

Good luck!


I would like to see Susie and Rachel compete at a game. I know Rachel is decent at the letters and conundrums as she will sometimes offer answers that others didn’t get, but I don’t know how Susie is with the numbers (or indeed with the words without a dictionary). I suspect it would be a close thing.

how can I watch this without a channel 4 account/TV licence?