October English Football League Thread

Apologies if I’m stepping on your toes here @Funkhouser

We’re into the third month of the 21-22 season, how’s it going for your team?, have you been enjoying getting to games again? Any silver linings for those of you trying to oust chairmen/boards?

Forest started the month with a 3rd away win on the bounce, we’re now the polar opposite to the Hughton days as we look a threat in attack and we’re scoring goals. Our best form for ages has seen us move out of the bottom 3, here’s hoping our trajectory continues to be upwards.

Great win for Oxford on the weekend, with a last minute winner (and some appropriate limbs) away at Sheffield Wednesday. They’re a club in trouble, I think.

Happy with our start to the season, and we’re picking up momentum again after a scratchy few weeks. Our squad is looking stronger than it has done for a few years, but it’s a really tough league, so it’s still going to be tricky to force our way into the mix.

Feels like the right things are happening off the pitch as well - there is a takeover (from within the board) on the table at the moment that I think just needs EFL ratification. Nice to see that it’s people already involved in the club because the ownership has been generally excellent the past few years. I guess there’s always that bit of uncertainty but signs are pretty positive atm.

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Tell you what @Spen78 - since you’re a Forest fan you’ll probably kno Marcus McGuane. He’s been pretty disappointing for us this season after some ace games when he was on loan with us. Really hoping he picks up form - although we don’t specifically need him to be a star player at the moment I think he has really got something special for us if he can just find it again.

We’re absolutely shit, and it already feels like somehow finding four teams shitter is all we can hope for.

Only upside is that despite basically taking August off we’re somehow not cut adrift and performances have gone from really, really shit to only a bit shit.

Quite disappointing that the return of crowds has coincided with a season I can’t really be bothered to make the effort. Had Bolton away on Saturday, hour and a bit on the train and normally would have been all over it. Just really couldn’t bring up the energy. Am hoping to get to Ipswich this Saturday though, although that’s only cos I’ve got some pals going tbh.

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He’s the lad that was at Barca, never played for us before we loaned him out to you last season so didn’t see him. Its not unusual for players to be awesome on loan and then phone it in when they get signed permanently sadly though.

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Saw our useless “Sports Director”/brother of the owner, you know the one that failed the fit and proper person test, coming out of Harvey Nicholls said absolutely fuck all to him wish I did.

Fun fact last time I saw the owner and brother on the streets of Manchester was the Thursday before curtailment maybe they are my vessels of oncoming doom or someat.

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It’s going fucking spectacularly thank you! Third in the league, unbeaten in 10, both strikers in great form. Something is going to go very wrong soon, obviously. Only been to one game so far and it was incredible. Planning another few asap.


I don’t wanna be rude (this will sound really rude) but…… what’s going right? What changed since last season?

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We have a defence for a start. Our chairman, scouts and that have a very specific recruitment policy based on certain stats etc and prioritised defenders this summer which seems to have worked. Got a young, enthusiastic manager working to a long-term plan that’s starting to reveal itself. More players on permanent contracts rather than loans, and the best team spirit we’ve had in years. Just seems to all have fallen into place.


Happy Fans Forum Anniversary everyone shame it’s not on DVD still the funniest thing that’s happened during the Lemsagam ownership:

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It’s Plymouth vs Bolton tonight.

Given our manager proclaimed us to be the best team in the league last week, therefore giving every team in the league the perfect pre match team talk to go out and prove him wrong, followed by a 4:0 humping by Wigan at home, plus you guys being top of the league, I’m predicting a 2:1 home win for Argyle.

A month or so ago I was thinking about coming down for this game, but then saw it was a midweek fixture so scrapped the idea.

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I think that every game we play at the moment will be the one where it all falls apart but so far it hasn’t happened. We look good, and I think there’ll be 10,000+ there tonight (I too was thinking of going but can’t really justify the money). I’m going for a restrained 0-0 I think we’ll win 3-1. Will be spending a tenner on watching the stream so it better be good!

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Hello EFL-ers. Ipswich fan here - thoroughly underwhelming/frustrating start to our season, but given it’s an entirely new squad the jury is out on whether Cook knows what he’s doing or not - on paper we should be pushing for automatic promotion… but we can’t even keep/see out a 2-0 lead these days. Playoffs probably the target at this point, and we may be relying on keeping Macauley Bonne in January to achieve that. Let’s hope QPR don’t force him back - he’s a local lad clearly loving playing for his club.

I’m off to Pompey away tonight - first town game in just under 2 years so I’m excited! (Have been going to the Amex to take my son to watch Brighton in the interim).

We’ve got Fleetwood at home on Saturday, then a really tricky run starts (including a trip to @Funkhouser’s Plymouth)

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Will be at that game!

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:smiley: I hope you have a lovely time, watching an enthralling and high-scoring home defeat

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That’s a great crowd - brilliant for the club finances.

There was just under 21000 at The Reebok (I know, but it’ll always be that for me) on Saturday. With the likes of large fanbase clubs like Sheff Wed, Sunderland, Ipswich, etc in the League 1, combined with it looking like a very competitive league this season I reckon most clubs average attendances will be higher than normal. All good stuff.

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Yeah ours are at their highest since we were in the Championship in 2010. It’s a hugely competitive league this year, and the quality seems very high as a result.

It’s a strong league for sure.

We’re getting ~20,000 in for home games, give or take depending on the away following which is well above what we have by the end of McCarthy-era championship football. Taking ~1200 to Portsmouth tonight too, so it should be a good noise under the lights.

Hope you smash them!


Think Bournemouth’s unbeaten start comes to an end on a wet and cold night in Stoke……