OK Go and their music videos

First, let’s get all the obvious bits out of the way:

  • If only they put as much effort into their music as they did their videos.
  • Their latest one leaves a salty taste.
  • Imagine listening to OK Go in 2016.
  • OK Go? OK Music more like.
  • Shit music for shit cunts.
  • squidpan

The latest one that’s doing the shares on the Facebooks at the moment:

Thing is, I 100% agree with the sentiments for their music. I’ve never encountered a band write such unmemorable wallpaper that’s produced so well that you can actually play it and not realise that there is music playing.


They’re pretty consistent with making these incredibly complex videos now. I mean, lots of gimmicky people have had viral hits that they’ve never managed to replicate, but OK Go videos are a genuine event. I watch each one each time and each time am impressed with the sheer amount of effort that goes about it.

Anyway this thread is for and about OK Go.

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  • I completely agree with the OP
  • squidpan


Is white people messing around with coloured powder problematic or not? I can never keep track


Wonder how much they come up with/design and how much they’ve just become a facade of the viral machine. Presumably they sell some records off the back of these and then people listen to them and realise they only liked it because of the video. Or do people watch an album of their videos? You can never tell with the kids these days.

guys, get over it!

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I seem to recall we did a big discussion thread about this on the old boards but I can’t find it. Mainly I recall being surprised to discover Get Over It was theirs.

Anyway, great video, shame about the song, eh?

I don’t mind their music.

They’re a pretty good power pop band. Of the Blue Colour of the Sky is a very good album.

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People still talk about them now which they certainly wouldnt if left with only their beige music so theyre doing something right

I’ll try to dig out the feature where I read this but although initially their viral videos did drive album sales (to the extent that they were one of the few bands on their label who were in the black), they actually make most of their income from corporate sponsorship deals (e.g. the one where they’re driving a car was sponsored by Chevy, there was another one sponsored by Range Rover and another one funded by Samsung). The products aren’t always in the video so some are more blatant than others.

It’s actually a kinda genius business model, but you can’t help wondering how much more successful they’d be if most of their songs weren’t rubbish.

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Not a fan of their music or videos, but reading the comments on the FB post they seem like really nice guys

more visual artists than a band

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They surely can be described as an art collective right? Their first album is pretty good.

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was that the one with ‘Get Over It’? That’s a tune

Song quality diminished as the focus switched to the videos. First album and some of the second was pretty good.

i like that bear at the bus stop one

yeah first album has some massive bangers.

at this point they’re definitely more of an ‘entertainment group’ than they are a band I guess.

this one in particular was made with/by Ogilvy apparently, so is effectively an ad campaign. nothing wrong with that though.

I really like their records. We’ll have to stick to agreeing about My Vitriol. :slight_smile:

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Last band I imagined getting political, fair play.

Gonna have an impact on their sponsorship deals I’d imagine.

Was considering posting this to the Heavy Handed Satire thread, but considering what their fanbase is like, this works.

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